Tonights theme is “Don’t look down!” You’re high in the air, and you know you’ll be fine… maybe. Just don’t look down.

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Down(OHC121).mp3

Another fun entry, another week where I accomplished my goal of doing something slightly different.

I really had a spark of genius at the beginning of the round when I decided to use that 5-note chromatic descending motif.  It was pure genius.  Note the swing rhythm as well that gives it that taste of funk, and the bitcrush on the drums helps give it that fun chiptune flavor.  After adding bass we get a mellow lead with a downwards pitchbend motif.  My initial idea was to have everything in the song be descending melodically.  That didn’t -quite- pan out, but it’s still the general theme I went with.

So then the chromatic descending NES pulse wave synth goes down, down, down, DOWN and becomes a sidechained bassline.  Genius!  Then we get our nice 4-on-the-floor beat and then we get this other bell-synth which has an interesting whipback reverb on it.  It gets octaved (so the initial line continues going down), and then we go into a quieter section that uses this pad sound from Alchemy I love using a lot.

Inspired by some drum sounds I’ve heard out of InvisibleObserver a lot, I decided to chop up a beat and do a really dry breakbeat glitch section.  It actually turned out better than I expected it to.

After that there’s this 1bar transition where this bass just comes out from underneath, out of nowhere, and then all of a sudden we’re into triplet unts.  We get some more chip leadage before going into a fullblown chorus, again with another pad sound from alchemy that I love.

The drums cut out and I bring back that descending chromatic synth from before and we end with more pitchbends downwards.

A very fun entry–I had a great time making it.  No idea what I’m looking to do for next week though…


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