Japanese homework

Imagine a friend from your hometown is visiting you.  You bump into your sensei when you are at the bookstore with the friend.  What would [you] say to introduce your friend to sensei?  Be sure to mention your friend’s name, how you know the person, and what s/he is doing at Stanford.

先生:あ、小百合さん! (ah, Sayuri-san!)

私:あ、先生、買い物ですか。 (ah, Sensei, doing shopping?)

先生:はい。あ、今日は! (yes.  ah, today!–)

私:あ、先生、友達を紹介します。こちらは涼宮ハルヒです。涼宮さんは私の姉と部活に入っています。いまわたしと一緒にスタンフォードに宇宙人を探しています。 (ah, Sensei, let me introduce a friend.  This is Haruhi Suzumiya.  Suzumiya-san is in a club with my older sister [Yuki].  Right now we’re looking for aliens in Stanford.)

Japanese homework can be so fun sometimes xP


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