Popularity (2), Blogging/IMs

When I asked J today, she told me that yes, perhaps I might be more popular if I were a girl. Not that that would be a reason that I would want to be a girl–in fact that might not really be a good thing either, but I thought it was interesting. She reasoned that some of my behaviors would be more socially acceptable if I were a girl, which is interesting–I could really see it gong both ways. On one hand, maybe the “cute girl” image would actually function correctly, (and it would be even more attractive because I’d be good at video games =P)…but on the other hand perhaps I’d be just as quiet, and shy, and so I’d be almost unnoticable–invisible like I am now.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I might have been happier in earlier times because I blogged more often about insignificant things and let out my emotions more freely. But I think it also might be because I had more contact with my peers during class, and moreover, I was actually able to talk to people over IM. What ever happened to that, anyways? Somehow you still hear about it, and somehow you know that people are still talking over IM, but somehow I got left out in the dust. It’s bizarre, really. You’d think that I’d be more accessible since I’m not one of those “GTalk is the way of the future! I don’t use AIM anymore, that’s old!” nonsense people, but instead am accessible through any protocol, whether it be AIM, YM, GChat, MSN, and yes, even FBChat. But nope…it’s really nothing like what it was before. Somehow I just became more invisible. Don’t tell me that people “don’t have time anymore” to chat online, because I -know- that they do. It’s just not with me.


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