OHC120, thesimulcollab


Tonights theme is “Take Flight.” Whether your interpretation of that is literal, or figurative is up to you.

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Wings(OHC120).mp3

I had done too many generic “start with ambient, then add a beat, then transition into unts” mixes, so I tried to do something slightly different this week. You can still definitely tell it’s my style, but at least I didn’t use the same song structure that I always do, haha.

I had a few patches loaded up before the compo started (as I tend to do, though I’m really not sure whether it’s a good idea or not), but I don’t actually think I ended up using any of them. The pad texture you hear in the first few bars is just a stock alchemy patch, including the very soft arp you hear in the back. Then when the “blips” come in that’s when I started actually doing stuff xP. I used a bunch of very simple 3xOsc synths in this entry–both the little “bell” synth you hear as well as the arp were of that flavor.

The next arp pattern you hear is a TS404 nes-style lead, which I manually doubled (just like they would in NES music!), and here we also get a nice bass courtesy of Triangle II. I’m going to try using Triangle II basses more often–I never realized how good they sound if you actually use them in the right register xP.

After that we get…well, nothing really happening. The song is really slow to start, I admit (but it’s okay because it’s trying to be all atmospheric anyways). After a white noise sweep we get a “boom” sound which I use =everywhere=, from a VIPZone sample pack, and then we’re met with PADS and another TS404 lead (with some vibrato, delay, and reverb). The pads actually fade in gently here, so they get louder as the phrase goes on (if i’m remembering correctly). The pads drop out for a phrase and we get the texture we heard at the beginning of the song combined with some filtered drums for a phrase until we *crash* get to our chorus, which sounds different than some of my other songs have. It’s very light and airy in texture–also owing to the chords that I used (yay for major 7ths!). After that we just get a nice outro with the NES arp synth combined with the nice drum pattern (which I’m pretty proud of). Notice the slight swing rhythm on the drums which makes it groovy, combined with the halftime foundation.

All in all, an entry which wasn’t “kickass”, but one that I’m very happy with because I wasn’t going for kickass anyways. I’ll try to do something different next week too–perhaps something very dark and evil, or experimental and ambient. Who knows!? That’s really the fun of OHC, isn’t it? ^^


In other news, I was bored so I randomly did a “simulcollab” thingamajig with Acuity. More details and the actual song can be heard here:


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