More insignificant posts! Why not!?

Woke up at 9:45AM today after a somewhat strange dream. Actually, I woke at like ~8:30/9:00AM by myself and then checked the time and went back to sleep until my alarm went off. And that short hour-long dream sequence was interesting–it was a dream where I was pretty omnipotent, and so there were people trying to hurt me but I was extremely confident and nothing they did mattered until I utterly destroyed them. Which is interesting because usually when I have dreams about myself being omnipotent usually my mental confidence isn’t enough to withstand the situations that I create, so the omnipotence fails due to a lack of belief. I’m sure you could draw some symbolism from this if you wanted to (also from the fact that I was helping out others at the time, in a sort of “Hell”), but more or less it was just random.

Anyways, woke up, sat up in bed for a few minutes, then got up for real at like 9:55 or something. Started to get ready to take a shower, then realized that my Japanese class started at 10, and that I should have set my alarm an hour earlier but somehow was really stupid last night. So then I was like “uhhh…..” and started changing to normal clothes so I could hurry the hell up and go, but then I thought about it for 30 seconds and then decided that I was already noticably late and so I would just go to 11:00AM section instead of 10:00. Which I felt bad about, also because it meant missing Yang-chan, but that’s okay. I do miss her though–I need to get together with her and chat sometime…hopefully when she gets unsick soon =/

Anyways, Japanese class was…interesting. Haha, at the beginning of class the hallway outside started to become flooded with water because of some water leak, and then the power in our classroom shut off…so we had to relocate. So that was a bit of an adventure ^^;

BenZhen told me she’s not going to 192B today, so there’s no point in me going either, since I pay 0 attention in that class. Even in 243 yesterday when I was writing an entire letter, I still managed to pay attention (it also helped that I had done the reading before class, making it easier to follow), and even answered a question…but in 192B I dedicate those 2 hours entirely to doing other things. So, no point in me going. Best to stay here and do other things, like fold laundry, clean my room out slightly because Denise is coming to visit tonight (yay!!! <3~), and then maybe finish up the programming part of the CS221 assignment (almost done!), and send emails, and such.

Not allowing myself any naps…I’m trying, as per Juliann’s urging, to retain a somewhat normal sleep schedule. I tried this last year and it didn’t really pan out, but what the heck–I’ll try again and see what happens. If I try it out for a while and I don’t like it then whatever–I’ll just go back to my good old crazy self. Hehe…

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