You have been chosen for an important expedition, far away. You are excited to go, until you realize that once you leave, you will not be able to come home ever. Tonights theme is “You cannot return.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_To_Infinity(OHC119).mp3

Fun theme tonight, I guess. I thought it worked very well with the kind of “standard” things I do. My entry…well, I have very very mixed feelings about it. It’s both good and bad, and good and bad all at the same time.

We start off with a random airy pad sequence with a patch from Alchemy, and then quite quickly (I used shorter phrases this time around, hence why the song is shorter), we get a nice beat and a generic bassline. I’m actually quite happy with the drums here–I again used my good old “standard” approach to drums and it worked very well. I put just a tad of distortion and sample reduction here too to give it a bit of grit.

After some more mostly-uninteresting layering, we get this background drone in…yeah, C. I need to start using other keys 9_9. I’m just so lazy sometimes…

Anyways, then we get that oh-so-familiar-by-now TS404 nes-style lead. Only this time I’ve got 2 of them to give some harmony. We get some more pads and my by-now-overused kick sample and things build up until we get a breakdown with low strings backing, and here we introduce the chord progression. The melody here is both good and bad at the same time–it’s got a nice character, but somehow isn’t as good as it could be.

Then in from below comes…a massive lead just like always, and then we drop the beat. Haha, so so so predictable, but still alright, though the buildup is honestly not nearly as big as some of my other ones. After repeating the lead melody, we go back into the funk drums for the outro.

There’s some good stuff going on here, but also some bad stuff (the lead is mixed too loud, some parts are rather uninspired, etc). So it’s a very mixed bag. It’s also way too much like everything else I’ve done. Next week I need to push it and do something weird again. Probably something dark and brooding, with a nice beat–haven’t done something like that in awhile. And also, something that DOESN’T transition into unts. xD


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