JHCompo – MagFest Edition

(note: this was actually last Thursday but I forgot to post it)


“AWOL”: Your trusted friend has left you, with nothing to indicate a return. Will you learn to cope with the loss, or forever wonder if they’ll come back?

No OHC this week because of MAGFest, so JH hosted a “JHCompo” instead and we got 2 hours instead of 1. Initially I was just planning on using 1 hour, but things got rolling and I just ended up making this monster 6-minute song. O_O

Starts off with a soundscape patch straight out of Alchemy–yep, that chord is actually part of the patch. Kind of cheating, I know xD. Then we get some more layers of sounds–things are very sparse and space-y now.

And then…the beat! Good stuff as always. And then we add in some more layers, before going into a long breakdown. First we get pads that sweep in from below, and then add low strings for epicness, then add a subtle whistle lead on top.

And after that comes…the epic build. Predictable as always, I know. xD The epic basslead/phatness is straight from Sylenth1–there’s pretty much these 2 Sylenth1 patches that are great for these sounds. After a glitch, we go into our nice UNTS for a while (there’s a reverse cymbal here which is 4 measures too late =/), then we get a TS404 nes-style lead that you’ve heard from me many times before by now. Then onto the outro…

A very standard piece by me, but longer since it’s 6 minutes and I had 2 hours for it. Good stuff, but next time I’ll try something different…


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