The world is in great peril. You and your companions are the only hope. You are the world’s elite, and if you cannot do it, the world is doomed. The world’s faith lays on your shoulders. Tonights theme is “The Elite.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Forgotten_Heroes(OHC117).mp3

My 103rd song. Man, I’ve come a long way.

As usual (maybe I should stop doing this so often), I kind of thought about some instruments I wanted to maybe use this time, before the theme was announced. I got a very nice piano sound ready, but I also got some retro-sounding synths up. The theme was “The Elite”, so I went with the latter and wanted to go for a sort of “we are VG heroes!” theme.

The beginning of the song sounds very much like Earthbound–something I didn’t even realize until it was pointed out during the listening party. Very neat! After a…not fantastic but not crap either transition, we get this FM bass and the bass sound from Super Mario Kart (yay). Drums come in (no nice drum fill, unfortunately) along with another bassline and then we get a nice funky groove section.

This groove section doesn’t last long, unfortunately (wanted to keep things non-repetitive?), but then we get this breakdown section, with strings down low to get that “epic” sound. The lead here is an nes-style TS404 pulse wave, with just a hint of vibrato. I should have added reverb or delay, but didn’t have time. Oh well, it works just perfectly fine as is too.

Afterwards we go into the funk groove again for a bit and then this phat bassline creeps, creeps, creeps up from under and after a glitch we…go into a dancey UNTS section, as I always do xD.

This section isn’t mixed totally well, but it’s still fun–we get a square chord sound that sounds like it’s out of Mega Man 3, and then we finally get a nice chord progression.

Not wanting to do a cop-out fadeout ending, I actually try and phase the elements out so we get more of a structured end to the song, though it’s admittedly still a bit abrupt.

Overall…I’m not entirely happy with it, but somehow the song still makes me happy since it’s…”fun”. So I guess this is another instance of “I didn’t do kickass, but I did fun”. Which is fine! This was actually very well-received in listening party, which somewhat surprised me.


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