Boy side talkativeness, Social Dance 1 take 2

3 AM the day before the all-day Tetris meetup tomorrow and what have I been doing for the past 2 hours? Of course…playing Tetris. God damn Death mode is addicting. I think a lot of it is the fact that I really just want my M rank though. I feel like after I get that I’ll stop playing quite as much…maybe.

Managed to talk a lot today, somehow. My throat actually is sore a bit. My boy side came out and got into his talkative mode, which doesn’t happen all that often, actually–Yang seems to bring it out a lot, but this time it was with my brother and, surprisingly, my parents. Guess this isn’t the first time that has happened though. I wonder though, if my girl side ever gets talkative. =/ Aside from when she’s in tears, i mean.

Btw Lewis if you’re reading this, that time when you biked by almost made my day somehow xD

Also! So, this quarter I’m retaking Social Dance 1 as a follow. Which is both exciting, a little scary, a little boring, etc…It’s exciting because it means I get to see the dances from a totally new perspective, and learn in a different way. Instead of being kind of freeform and leading things, instead it’s something more like a complicated version of BMIIDX, or LL recognition in speedcubing, or something. Yes, I totally just made those analogies.

I’m glad there’s more girls than guys this time, as usual (though gender balance today was actually not that bad at all)–means that it’s a little bit less awkward, because I know there might be boys who don’t want to dance with me. Also somehow I’m the only person (guy or girl) taking the class role-reversed, so Richard Powers politely singled me out for the whole class so that I don’t have to keep explaining myself to people. Of course, it also probably helps people remember me that I’m taking the class “as a girl”, so they can pick me out rather easily (it’s a big class).

Anyways, it’s been alright…though somehow being partnered as a follow gives rise to more anxiety than being partnered as a lead. I suppose because if you’re a lead and you get a bad follow, then it still “sort of” works, but if you’re a follow and you get a bad lead, then it’s just stressful. Plus, if you get a lead who doesn’t really fit with your style, it can be rather…well, discomforting.

When we learn “new” things (new in quotes since all of this is stuff I’ve already learned from the other side), it sometimes makes my head hurt because not only am I trying to learn the follow’s part, but I’m also making sure in my head that I remember the lead’s part, AND not only that, but I’m trying to envision the lead part to help me learn the follow part. Eek! Side note: I’m actually having the same kind of “wait…I need a moment to stop and think about this…” in Japanese too–I run into so many things nowadays where I’m like “wait…ok, so let’s get this all straight…”, or I’ll be like, wait, what was that one kanji like?

One of the variations we learned today (out of…not very many since the class is rather slow, which…is fine–much rather have solid leads leading me than go through more stuff, not to mention that gives me more time to work through my “confusion moments”) was especially weirding out to me because it’s exactly the same motion whether you’re doing the follow or the lead, except you’re on your right foot instead of the left. So every time someone lead that, there was some weird moment where I switched into lead mode and felt like the natural thing to do was to just pull them into a turn. Thankfully I didn’t actually ever do that. xD

He started to put on the “after class fun” music today, which was great–except for the fact that I have Japanese class right after and I don’t know if I can do the after class fun and still get to class on time. Argh!!!

Anyways, I got to dance as a lead once during the class, since there was a girl without a partner for some reason (probably just other guys not looking hard enough), so besides one issue, that was fun because I got to reassure myself that I remembered the things that I learned. I also danced with BenZhen during the afterclass fun, so that was great fun too, yay!

But best was when near the end of class, Mirage (who’s playing assistant to Richard Powers) came up to me and partnered with me for the last dance of class. There was this kind of awkward fumble as I was trying to figure out who was going to lead…xD…but it ended up being her. Soooo, she’s leading things, including things I haven’t learned how to follow yet (exciting!) and it works out just fine since I’ve got some experience, and of course since she’s got loads of experience. Don’t know how often she leads, though I loved the one time she lead something by pointing with her finger under her raised arm, signaling “go under here!”–that was great xD.

Halfway through we were just in an open swing position with my hands on top, and I was like “hey…”, and I went *flip* and put my hands on bottom and started leading, and we both grinned at each other. That was probably one of the most fun dances I’ve had, just because of those funny moments. hehehe~

Jammix next Friday! Don’t know whether I’ll go “as a girl” though. Also can’t wait till we start learning waltz! Though I guess it’ll be kind of boring, since I don’t get to do my usual “whooooooooo” spin-in-whatever-way-i-feel-like things. Ah well, it’s all good. I’ve got 4 more quarters here–might as well take my time.

Okay, time to get some sleep to get ready for hours of DEATH tomorrow.


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