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So, reading philosophical analyses and such on smashboards late last night (and I mean LATE), made me start questioning my own playstyle and character choices.

First thing I notice is that my techskill is still way behind the current competitive scene. Which I mean, is totally fine and everything–I don’t even practice, and there’s no way I’d expect or even want to get to the level that the pros are at–that’s just ridiculous. Though, interestingly enough, if you watch vids from some years ago, it doesn’t look that far off from what I’m doing…amazing how the scene evolves, huh? But anyways, the conclusion here is just to keep at the “keep doing things faster” mindset.

Second thing is they said things about character choices, as well as playstyles. I think my ideal playstyle evolves around capitalizing on my opponent’s mistakes as well as being able to capitalize on reading them. If they whiff a move I want to be able to punish that. Likewise if I get into a techchase situation I really want to have something ready to chase them with.

I initially chose marth as my main because…well I don’t even know anymore. I honestly can’t even remember that well. Probably I just felt like he was good, and I hadn’t started learning any technical stuff. Anyways, after a brief spurt with that I started getting into intermediate smash levels (levels are all relative though, so that doesn’t tell you much), and then I picked Fox as my main. Why? Not just because of shinespiking (though i admit i did think that was cool) but because of his WAVEDASH. Fox’s wavedash is just somehow really really baller because he can start it in 4 frames and because he slides just about the right distance. Combined with his fast initial dash, it’s just perfect. And I like the shffl nair style of approach too. So it’s all good.

Nowadays that might be up for reevaluation. If I like punishing mistakes and techchasing, that might actually seem to indicate that Marth is a better choice for me. After all, marth has that huge fsmash and reading your opponent in order to land that is key. I’d say falcon is equally big on that aspect, but for some reason I can’t really seem to get a handle on falcon, so he’s out of the picture. Falco is out because when I play falco I don’t react–I just go 100% offensive and spam SHLs and shffld dairs. Sheik is out because i hate sheik’s high short-hop. Jiggs is out because jiggs is ghey =/. Ice climbers is out because they’re too weird and I’m too lazy to learn all the different chaingrabs/etc. Peach is out because Peach is too weird. I might still learn Peach to some better extent someday but for now no. Samus has the same problem as sheik–weird jumps. Ganon is too boring–it’s like he only has 4 moves. Doc is…well, doc is an option too.

And anything lower than that isn’t high enough on tiers to be considered a good main. And I’m not saying that just because I’m a tier whore, but because I want to feel confident in my character’s abilities. The only lower tier characters I’d remotely consider for maining are pikachu, mario, mewtwo, young link, roy, gaw, or pichu.

Out of those, mewtwo I just couldn’t survive with as I would feel way too inhibited. When I play mewtwo it’s like I have to force my openings very carefully and play so very carefully and consistently–it’s good mental focus practice but I don’t feel like he has the right tools. Young link doesn’t have the right tools either, to punish. Roy is interesting because he’s got a huge fsmash too but I just like marth a lot better. GAW…his techs are too slow and he doesn’t really have the tools either. Mario is okay but I just like doc better in every way.

Which leaves pikachu and pichu. I’ve never looked at pikachu before but after watching AXE videos I might give it a shot and see if I like it at all. I’ve always liked pichu better but who knows. Pichu on the other hand…it would be cool. Agility is just really COOL, and pichu does have the nair that just handles just about anything. He doesn’t have range, but on the plus side he’s not that easily comboable. So maybe those are options.

But mostly it’s between Fox, Marth, and Doc. Let’s see, briefly, what each of these has going for them, viewed from my playstyle:

Fox: great dash and wavedash speed, great approach with shffld nairs. very easy to run in with a jc’ed grab. shine combos are fun, and shine knockdowns lead to either thunders combo or techreads. uthrow->uair or bair is an easy way to punish effectively. Wavelands and short hop backwards wavelands are SEXY SEXY SEXY

Marth: great dash, longish wavedash. plays the SPACING game very good as his whole game revolves around it. fsmash is perfect for punishing and reading. Ken combos with fairs are sexy. Has good off-the-edge gimps that are often more satisfying than plain shinespikes, and he can be more aggressive with his offtheedge edgeguarding because he doesn’t fall as fast. In addition he’s less comboable than fox, though a little bigger as well. Throws set up for techreading very well, and has a great grab range.

Doc: very easy to handle–very consistent. Pills are a neat way to control the flow and approach. Cape gives easy gimps and bair gimps off the edge are really really really cool.

what about bad things?
Fox: needs good techskill to be good. If you’re off your game you get screwed over really easy. Easy to combo. I miss techs a lot.
Marth: feels lame to play him sometimes because fairs and dtilts and fsmashes and grabs get boring somehow. Cheap gimps are stupid. He doesn’t have that crazy movement that fox does so you can’t really be as unpredictable–it’s more about reacting.
Doc: doesn’t have that great of actual approach unless you use pills, which isn’t an option at all distances. Seems to not have that many good moves?

Iono…I think I would still say fox just because his speed enables me to do what I need to do. But I can keep Marth and Doc. Marth just because he has this nice defensive reactionary playstyle, and Doc because he’s just cool. I need to learn to gimp more with Doc.

So did we learn anything? Uhm…no. Only thing we learned was that I need to consider pikachu and pichu more seriously next time I play lol.


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