SSBM level-up! I performed really well using my Fox for the first time in awhile today…which of course is silly because he’s my main, but I always have a really hard time getting a handle on him, both because of the techskill required and because if you play a bad fox you get owned really really hard (fast-fallers are easy to combo).

I don’t think I truly appreciated Fox’s nair until today. At one point I just focused on spamming nairs as fast as I possibly could (though, I still botch the waveshine afterwards a lot of the time. blehhhh). It felt wonderful. So good! And I didn’t really start to think about nair -timing- until today either. Because before I would always just throw out my nairs witha pretty early timing, so that most of my jump would be covered, but today I think I started playing around with pressing A -right- before fastfalling. Makes for tighter timing I think, and generally more sweetspotted nairs. Also, I might be ready to actually think about incorporating SHL into my Fox game. Whoo…

My Falco can’t do shine combos correctly. My Doc has always just been…easy and consistent. My Marth is really weird–it destroys Blue’s Marth like nothing other, but iono how it does against a lot of other characters. I think Blue is just really susceptible to gay laming and so I exploit it. Pichu is really exciting to think about–there’s just so much cool stuff that you can do with Agility. I’m no Pichu player but I’m beginning to wish I was, haha. Also, the nair thing is almost like Fox. Except even faster, which is insane. My GAW is alright–I think I need to be more aggressive with my edgeguards when I’m playing GAW. My Falcon…has always needed work. I can use his speed to get grabs and such in (mostly grabs), but then I can’t combo nearly as well as a Falcon player should be able to, and I struggle to land knees.

Also, WHAT THE HELL at the latest Tier Lists.
Most of it is unsurprising. But there’s a few things that WTFed me.
First, I thought it was really weird how Ness is so low in the SSB64 tier list. Then again, SSB64 is this whole other weird world where nothing is quite like melee because everything is kind of broken (as in, overpowered in some way), so it’s really…weird. So I guess i’m not -that- surprised because I don’t know SSB64 stuff.

I’m not surprised that Jiggs is 3rd in SSBM tier list. That’s due to…Mango. That’s it.

But dude, MEWTWO rising a whole SIX places to his new spot, higher than roy, young link, game and watch, yoshi, ness, pichu, kirby, and bowser. Unbelievable. It just seems…wrong. I love mewtwo, but I would have never said he was on top of game and watch, or young link, or dude, ROY. what the hell?!?!?

also, i need to wd out of shield more.

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