Please wish a happy birthday to Little Twin Stars!~

I’ll be asleep because I’m dead tired right now, but to everyone else, 12/24 is Little Twin Stars’ birthday, so please wish them a happy birthday! They’ve quickly risen up to join Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty as one of my favorite Sanrio characters, and I’m really pleased that they’ve made a comeback recently (makes up for the fact that I’ve seen slightly less Cinnamoroll products).

The one with blue hair is Kiki and his older sister is Lala.

Kiki and Lala, the Little Twin Stars, were born on the Star of Compassion. With permission from Mother-Star and Father-Star they set out for a visit to Earth. Lala’s star wand led them on their journey. Ever since they arrived, the Little Twin Stars have been spreading happiness to everyone they meet.

Real Name: Kiki
Sex: Boy
Skills: Can fly through the sky using the star on his back
Hobbies/Personality: Loves star-fishing and inventing things. Kiki is very curious and a little cheeky sometimes.

Real Name: Lala
Sex: Girl
Skills: Cooking. Her soups are amazing!
Hobbies/Personality: Loves drawing and writing poems. Lala is a little timid, and cries easily.



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