Wow, I hardly expected it, but episode 9 of Canvas 2 ~Nijiro no Sketch~ actually had me feeling a bit emotional for Elis, out of empathetic feelings.


Besides the whole seeing someone you like spend their time with someone else, etc etc., I think what really ended up getting to me in the end was when she came home and there was the surprise congratulations “celebration” held for her, and everyone was all excited and welcoming. As she sat there, silent and downcast, I couldn’t help but place myself in her shoes, and I felt awful. When I’m downcast like that, the very last thing I need is excitement. It’s very upsetting.

I wouldn’t have reacted the same way that she did though. I’m never one to speak out like that. If I’ve had enough that I actually go and do something about it, then it’s usually a very soft instance that doesn’t even seem like an outburst at all. And likewise, I’m not one to cover up my feelings like she does. I think that must be some kind of fault that I probably find with so many of these romance anime. Well, not really a fault, but it keeps me from empathizing more, because the main heroines are always loud and stubborn, etc. Like imagine a tsundere character, the “tsun” part isn’t part of me at all.

Wait, does that mean I’m a “deredere”? xD.

edit: of course, the other stupid part is how the guy is always clueless and oblivious. i don’t fall in love with girls who are clueless and oblivious, haha, so it doesn’t really work. (yes, I try to empathize by switching gender roles–did you really expect any different?)


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