Before I start, be sure to check out Threshold of a Dream, the Link’s Awakening remix project just released by OCReMix!


Tonights theme is “The Change.” Suddenly, …?

My entry can be downloaded here:

So this week was another instance where I premade an instrument right before the compo began and wanted to stick it in in some way. This time around I had this fat sidechained bass (I seem to really like those…) made of a really big stack of detuned square waves.

So 6:00 rolls around and the theme is “The Change.”, which isn’t really a dancey theme at all. So I’m sitting here thinking about what to do…the theme seemed to call for some really spontaneous piece of music that flipped around to multiple genres really randomly, but I wasn’t quite in the mood for that. So instead I came up with the idea of “Metamorphosis”, imagining some kind of alien insect bug monster that was hatching from an egg.

First thing I load is…Alchemy and Motion/Texture, for some ambient soundscape sounds. There’s also a timestretched sound here which gives a really nice creepy low rumble. The “scratching” that’s part of the Alchemy patch goes really well with what I was imagining.

Then I silence the pads and go into a short section of weird-sounding hi-hats, with a slightly off-kelter rhythm. My intent here was that the hats would represent a “skritch skratch”, or the sound of the egg cracking. Note the use of silence here to make things more hesitant/expectant/creepy. There’s an abrupt transition where I just slap in the drums and bass (wish I could have added something there), but I’m actually really really happy with how the drums came out. I was a little worried at first too–I first sliced up one beat that I had using Slicex and found that it just didn’t quite sound punchy or full enough, so I ended up slicing another beat up and layering the two, and it worked very well–the percussion sounds very interesting as a result. Of course, the devil’s in the details–there’s also some bitcrushing and distortion going on to give it that “gritty” feel. And of course, the sequencing and glitching is really awesome here, if I do say so myself.

I add in a neat little high plucked arp sound along with a pad in the background to fill out the sound spectrum, and we get to hear two repetitions of that before we go into the next section, which is a transition section with this weird “buzz” noise that I grabbed from Texture. There’s also another timestretched sound in the back that’s like some really animal moan.

And then there’s the “hatch” sfx, and then a short transition (it wasn’t -that- great, but it works) and then finally we get our dancey sidechained phat bass section. If you didn’t notice, I actually upped the tempo here slightly to make things more dancey.

The “skritch skratch” hihats repeat during this section–I already made them, so no point in letting that work go to waste, especiall since this is an OHC.

Everything drops out and we get a nice lead sound from Sylenth1 that comes in from below with a nice filter opening into a very “epic” section that uses tritones for that EVIL feel. The filter drops back down and I bring in the off-beat bass together with the HI-HATS which really get things moving in anticipation of the beat dropping back in. After a short glitch (if I had more time I would have added overdrive on it to make it more intense) we get our full chorus, with a whole lot of sounds packed in–there’s our sidechained bass, the drums, the arped lead, and then later the sidechained pad. I worried a little bit because the sound spectrum is really packed to the limit here, but it ends up working okay. After that there’s just a standard little intro and we close with the “hatch” sfx again.

Overall a fun track! Not quite as “kickass” as some of my other entries, but very fun. And also a shining example of my “typical” song structure–I start with ambience, then go into a nice glitchy/phat beat, then go into unts unts dance. Someday I need to do something different, hahaha…

People have been saying I need to get something on OCR, or release an album or something. I have plans for both of those, but can’t say when they’ll happen yet. The album release is probably easier–I’m not good enough at OCR mixes yet as they require a different sort of melodic interpretation skill in order to get right. I’m going to work on some new tracks over this break hopefully, but probably not enough for a full album yet.


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