Finals week

It was a tough battle. It really was. But I’ve been growing, and though I despaired at some points, I refused to give in and give up. And so, in the end, I ended up being okay–I ended up coming out alright. I knew I would, deep inside, because I’ve been getting better, and because it’s been a long time since I’ve had to give up.

I’ve focused a lot on “helping myself through others”. And that’s been really good, and I need to continue to practice that–to practice it and get better at it so that I can make it easier. But I also need to step back and finally, admit that I’m ready to incorporate the “Timm[ie]” mentality into my life again. To infuse that mix of self-empowerment and confidence back into my life–the one that I abused and depended on too much before.

Kind of like how I’m taking a break from manual locking in TA Death so I can practice better stacking. But eventually I’m going to put the manual locking back in and then play Tetris “with balls” again. But this time with better stacking, so I won’t just crapshot every game, but instead I’ll play both good, AND fast. And yes, I just related my life to Tetris.

I’m still walking forward. I’m always walking forward–if not crawling. Every so often I need a little push on the back to help keep me going, but that’s all.

Note: again, I had almost zero stress due to actual finals, as always.


I’m excited about growing more too. I might grow a little bit more confident. I might say a little more things. Bit by bit; as I find the strength within myself–and within others.


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