New artist name

In the event that I release music in the future (which might actually be -really soon-, though a full album release will not be coming until much later), I need a new artist name because “DDRKirby(ISQ)” isn’t quite that kosher as it’s stepping on some gray legal areas (DDR + Kirby, obviously).  Not to mention the “ISQ” wouldn’t make sense to anyone (not that it does now) and it’s a little hard to pronounce (compare to some other popular artist names, like “Nitrous Oxide”).

So, I need to think up a new artist name.  I’m open to suggestions, though I doubt any of you will be able to come up with something I like.  I was thinking about it tonight and I feel like it’s going to be REALLY hard to settle on something.  I feel like I would want it to have something “electronica-y” since that’s going to fit the music, but it can’t be too “hardcore” because I wouldn’t like that.  Plus I might want something with a slight hint of girl, but not something overly so like azncutiepie.  It’s got to be formed of either two uncommon words, or three slightly more common words, to ensure that it’s unique.  and it’s gotta have a good sound to it.



of course, there’s also just the possibility of releasing under my own name (see “Armin van Buuren”, “Sean Tyas”, etc).  Which would be good in that I don’t fragment my online identity, plus it would be easier to find me.  It would be less “cool”…but it’s also an option that’s easy and avoids some issues.


some OCRemixers’ names that I think work well, just for contemplation:

Joshua Morse
zircon (though I’ve also seen him go by Andrew Aversa)
SuperGreenX (but a lot of the time he just goes by SGX)
The Wingless

some other names that aren’t OCRemixers:

Above & Beyond
Nitrous Oxide
Vast Vision

I guess something that kind of works is to make up words–see Protricity and analoq.  This lets you get away with shorter names but still ensure a good dose of uniqueness.

I guess the other thing I would need to keep in mind is that this would only be my artist name, as I’m way too ingrained as DDRKirby(ISQ) to switch my online alias completely to something new (i.e. even my stanford id is tied to that).  I guess that might be an argument for just using my real name.  In that case, then I have to decide which of the three variations (real, with brackets, or no brackets) to use.  I guess the brackets is out of the question since that destroys the nice alphanumeric nature of it.  I’d probably use the no brackets version.  It’s more unique and it’d help people remember it; plus i’m fairly sure I could get it to the top of google rankings (it already is, actually).  So especially if I can’t think of anything better, that’s something to consider.


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