What a pleasantly exhausting day…

There are days that are filled with activities that just leave me in a drained, out-of-batteries, frazzled, meek mood, but I don’t think this was one of them–probably mostly in part due to the fact that I was on my own for pretty much the whole day.

Went shopping in SF Westfield mall and spent ludicrous amounts of money.  Uhm…it’s kind of frightening.  Uhm…so my new christmas wishlist is basically just money.  I feel like I just did all of my own christmas shopping for everybody else, so I’d probably feel bad if you gave me =more= stuff as opposed to giving me money so that my wallet forgives me a little bit.

In other news, at Natalie’s urging (and because I want to look pretty, and because heck, when have I =not= turned down suggestions like these), I started to play an MMORPG called Vindictus today–it’s the “prequel” to Mabinogi.  I haven’t really gotten anywhere as I was busy doing other stuff, but I already look cute.  *instant approval*


Uhm…yeah.  But today was a success in basically so many different ways…I shopped for everything that I was looking for, and more–there’s a Maido in the mall (I had totally forgotten) so I picked up some pen refills, AND spoke to the people working there in japanese.  And I got 3 more Christmas letters done during the train commute, bringing me up to 20.  Hot damn I’m good.

Only unfortunate thing is that I left my bike at the caltrain station, so that’s going to be a hassle for me, haha.  Oh well, who cares!?  I only go to like two classes anyways…

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  1. raveii

    I’m looking for a new MMO to play. Are you enjoying Vindictus? (lol, how my avatar looks matters a lot to me too xD) About how long has it been out?

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