Back home for Thanksgiving break.  Being at home for Thanksgiving is a really interesting experience.  It actually feels very lonely and desolate–luckily, not in a sad way because I’m not in a “sad lonely” mood, but still it feels very desolate.  All of my closest friends are Stanford-people now, so none of them are around (though a handful of them are still on campus about 15 minutes away…), and even if I was still really close with my friends from HS (I am, with a few…just a few), most other schools don’t have the whole week off so they aren’t back anyways.

So this entire day has just been me holed up inside my room.  And I’m thinking that this might be the case for a good portion of the rest of break too, with a few notable exceptions.  Actually, yesterday was much the same, except instead of my room at home, it was my room at Stanford.

And all this is fine because it gives me the chance to have an abundant amount of time to myself without “worrying” (in quotes because it’s not worrying in a negative way) about interacting with others and classes and all of that stuff.  So I can do stuff like go through pictures and music, etc etc etc.  Although, slight problem with that is that both my desktop and my external HD are still at school, so even though I worked on that stuff a lot yesterday, I can’t really do anything about it for the remainder of break unless I go back to campus.  Which actually is a very real possibility since I have to do that Music192A studio assignment anyways.  Though, slight awkwardness with that too, because I probably have to ask BenZhen to help me get into the CCRMA rooms because last time my ID card didn’t work.  blargh!

Didn’t have a great night on Saturday, if you couldn’t notice.  Uhm…but let’s backtrack a bit and talk about the Norcal Cosplay meetup which (remember?) I was so “anxious” about.


So, didn’t get nearly enough sleep as I would have liked on Friday night, and unfortunately wouldn’t really be getting any more until the car ride back.  Actually I may have dozed off during the car ride there for a few minutes but I think mostly I was just playing NDS_TGM.

Anyhoo, woke up tired, but thankfully without too much difficulty.  Did my mundane morning rituals, except this time putting on clothes a little differently (not costume yet, but I was dressing for sf weather with a chance of rain, inside costume blahblah).  Went to wilbur to grab breakfast and hopefully pack some lunch, when I realized that the dining hall wasn’t going to be open until 10:00AM because it was a weekend.  Doh!  Okay, scratch that plan entirely.  So I ate a poptart for breakfast instead and Russ and I ended up going to Safeway to pick up sandwiches for lunch.

It started raining as we were leaving.  Then as we got on the road (first going to Safeway) it started raining harder…by the time we were on the highway it was pouring really badly.  So much for a photoshoot or anything outdoors!  But then something strange happened and we had a “wtf” moment as somehow the sky got clearer and more blue as we drove TOWARD san francisco (usually it’s the other way around).  Okay, that’s just really weird…but we were thankful.

Arrived at the Exploratorium, met up with the two others who were there (oh wait no, Ray was there too, as Len), and got our tickets.  Went to the lake area for some photos and such.  More people trickled in, etc.  We stayed there in a while, and had a couple of close calls with birds who would randomly swoop in like they were trying to poop on us.  I don’t think I got too many photos of myself but that’s okay because I don’t really feel as “comfortable” in Lily white cosplay as I do in say, normal crossdress >_<.

Uhm, lunchtime came and we headed into the Exploratorium to eat in the cafe area.  Ate the sandwich; it wasn’t bad.  But I also had some soy milk that Russ had brought, and it started to do weird things to my throat.  I actually got somewhat worried and started glancing around to see if there were garbage bins/restrooms nearby, in case the reaction got any worse, but fortunately I was okay.  So apparently I’m still mildly allergic to soy milk.  It’s another one of these “weird mild allergies” (I also have one with eggs, one for most fruits, and one with “tree nuts” i think, which is milder than my normal nut allergy which is pretty bad but not -that- bad) that I have, that kind of has varied in its strength over the years.  I think if I had drank the whole juicebox-thing of soy milk I might have had some real problems though.

Some mean guy came and told us to scram; we were about done eating anyways though so whatever.  Then we proceeded to basically split off and wander around the Exploratorium for the next couple of hours.  I’m not sure if I handled this properly…I wasn’t really in the mood for any science-y exploring-stuff and even though some of the exhibits looked either different or unfamiliar, I was under the impression that I had already seen most things before so I wasn’t really here for any of the science-y stuff.  I considered going back to Russ’s car and getting my letter-writing materials or something but then that would have felt weird; I felt an obligation to hang out with the group.  But to be honest I wasn’t completely that interested.  So it was…uh, interesting.

After awhile my legs started getting tired; my feet were also kind of tired because I wasn’t wearing my comfy tennis shoes.  And near the end I was beginning to feel kind of disheartened at the time loss; and also I missed some of my friends back on campus.  Not that hanging out with Russ and Ray and the random others wasn’t fun in some way or anything; it’s just that I was missing the normal hangout nature that I’m more accustomed to.

Some highlights though…somehow there were a few random exhibits that the group spent an absurd amount of time at, and at one point Ray took us to a terminal that was essentially a really primitive chat bot.  That was some fun times…despite being super-primitive I managed to work my way into a super-hilarious convo with the bot, that first started with me exclaiming how great the Springtime was (Lily White loves Spring!), and then later to barrel rolls and rickrolling, and then somehow at one point the conversation just turned -dirty- and we started having chatsex.  That was…interesting. xDDD

When we left it was pouring really, really hard, and as we tried to get out of the city (which took a while) there was actually a bunch of lightning and thunder; probably the most I’ve ever seen actually.  We decided to stop by at some Japanese place and grab some dinner on the way to Stanford, and also drop off the others that tagged along with us so they could get to BART.  The food wasn’t bad at all…interestingly enough the people working there spoke Cantonese, which surprised us, haha.  Our waitress didn’t really understand me when I tried to talk to her in canto though, so that was kind of a disappointment. 9_9

Struck up a decent convo with Russ about Touhou games and then later CS courses on the way back, which made the ride feel not so long.  Finally made it back and changed out and got some rest…

Overall the meetup was…alright.  It wasn’t great, but I don’t really know that it was a mistake either.  I think I have a better idea of some things though.  blahblahblah.

I also noticed that people have a frightening tendency not to understand the exhibits in the Exploratorium at all…and this isn’t just the little kids who are there (who are too busy running around banging on things anyways), but even the college-age kids who were in our group…and even the adults who I saw who were with their kids, also didn’t understand the point of the exhibits.  *sigh*


That night was kind of rough for me for various reasons–the primary one being that J wasn’t there and I wanted to talk with her, but also because I was just plain tired, and because of a run-in with some raccoons (9_9), and because people kept using the laundry machines.  I ended up drinking my sorrows away….

….ok, not really.  But I did spend the night in a somewhat sour mood and didn’t really get anything productive accomplished like I was perhaps planning on doing.  Instead I spent my time on random things; played a little bit of IIDX and TGM, etc.  Things were better the next day though, so I recovered okay.


This week is gonna basically be “myself time”.  I’m being whisked away to a bus tour of Yosemite and Herts Castle tomorrow, so I have to make sure that I get enough stuff done today to make up for it, otherwise I’ll feel absolutely -terrible-.  The “wasted time” sense that I have can be absolutely depressing at times.  I’ve already caught up on all of my readings and almost all of my lectures, so that’s good progress.  I’m going to finish up the lectures tonight, and also work on a few christmas letters.  I hope I have enough strength to push through the week and do a good job…


edit: I forgot to mention that we might be doing cosplay shopping/making this week, which would -force- me to get going on another costume, yay.

Also, a happy belated birthday to Ray =X


edit: holy hell apparently a whole bunch of random xangans just hopped on by and landed at this post from searching for “quotes” or “quotes with pictures” or “love quotes” etc.  this isn’t the first time this has happened, but good lord, 34 views on this already!?


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