7 Christmas letters down.  Making good progress, but I think I should aim to get an average of 2 per day over break.  If that happens then I’ll have 21 by the end, which means during dead week I can do “the rest” which probably amounts to about 10.  Though, those 10 might take a bit longer because I’m expecting them to include some of the more meaningful (read: longer) ones.  Depending on how much time I have I might decide to do some crazy ones too, which will partially make up for the fact that I’m not meeting last year’s quota (which was over 40 letters).

Game is finally done.  YAY.

Christmas wishlist…hum.  I want a penguin like the one that J has and the one that E has.  Or I guess anything similar will do.  Something big and cute that I would love to hug.  I might also need a new laptop, but that hedges on a number of factors which are yet to be decided.  Other than that…uhm…I’m surprised to say, I’m actually in favor of actually just getting money.  I feel like because I don’t have many pressing wants and needs, I would rather have something that I can have for when I do.  More clothes would be nice too but I have a decent amount now so that’s not really a pressing thing at all.  And besides that’s something I would shop for myself anyways =X

So, tomorrow is Norcal Cosplay meetup.  Uhmm…I actually have some anxieties going into this, haha.

Probably the biggest anxiety, though not really so much an anxiety as much as it is a regret, is that I kind of want to cosplay as someone other than Lily White.  Not that Lily White isn’t fun or anything.  Just look at her!  But for one thing the wings are awkward.  And for another I just feel like doing something different.  Yuki and Shia are both options, as is getting an early start for Fanime and doing Makoto (or I guess Nayuki!).  Blah.  I just really gotta get down to it.  Maybe I’ll start my picking one, and then doing research.  Then maybe asking for help. =X

Granted I also have Arie’s sera fuku that I could wear, but that’s a bit too…er, I’d feel a bit too self-conscious, and more importantly it would be way.  too.  damn.  cold.

I’m planning on actually bringing a change of clothes in case I decide that I want to stop being Lily at some point.  Though…it’ll be a change into girl clothes, hahaha.  Which works out because girl clothes are somehow lighter and so they fit into bags/boxes much more easily than guy clothes for some reason xD.

Other concern is that it’s probably going to be raining (and its in SF which means collllldddddd), though I guess if we’re inside the Exploratorium it’s not quite that big of a deal.  Still, it’s a bit harder to deal with the elements when I’m having other things to worry about like being in a costume or holding stuff in something that’s less convenient than a backpack (note: backpack + wings = not work).

Another concern, lunch.  We’re supposedly supposed to pack a sandwich or something but…I don’t really have the materials in my room to make a sandwich.  I can go hop by wilbur at breakfast and see if they have some ham+cheese crossaints or something that I can pack.  That would be ideal.  The thing is; I need to have meat in my meals, haha.  So if I just pack a bunch of bagels and bread that doesn’t really cut it for me.  I need meat. =X  Well if all else fails I can either starve, or get help from Russ.

Another concern, not getting enough sleep tonight HAHA.  I’m writing this at 3:22AM yay, and we’re planning on leaving at 8:30AM.  Why does this happen to me T_T.  I actually took a nap at like 9:30ish.  I woke up multiple times to my alarm but decided each time to just sleep longer.  Finally woke up at 11:00.  Wanted to sleep more but I also really felt like I should go say hi to J one last time…but she was either out or already asleep.  I instead went to E and hung out with her for abit.  Then intended (still half asleep) to return to my room and sleep…but unfortunately I couldn’t fall asleep.  Dammit.  Hence, decided to stay up.  Uhm, I played through Perfect Cherry Blossom on hard (damn you youmu) and played TGM a bit (but did pretty badly.  Didn’t even get a clear…died twice around 500 9_9).  Wrote a christmas letter, warmed up some canned food and am just finishing it.  And am typing this out, of course.  Will sleep soon after, I promise!

Yet another concern, the amount of time to spend there.  Meeting is supposed to be from 10AM to 6PM and I’m worried because I don’t see a lot of stuff for me to be busy with.  Which is also silly because we’re on break for a week now and I’ve got time to kill, but I never like huge chunks of wasted time (which is why a lot of “family outings” are painful (some more than others), but that’s another topic…).  I guess part of it is that I’ve already seen most of what the exploratorium has to offer.  I haven’t done the tactile dome but I don’t know if that’s a good idea with wings on.  I don’t know if that’s something I would do alone either.  Hm.  I suppose the main things to do though, are take pictures (I’ll try and bring my camera I guess) and just hang out.  I can attempt to be a little social I guess, though it might be difficult.  Maybe I’ll hang out with Ray xD.  And I’ll have my trusty DS of course.  I could bring one of the tester ipods to play my new game as well haha, but eh.  I could also bring some letter-writing supplies.  Maybe I’ll put those in the same bag as the change of clothes.  Good idea maybe, just to have a backup plan.  The change of clothes is a good idea too in case the Exploratorium isn’t quite as cosplay-friendly.  Just depends.  I’ll try and play it by ear as best I can.

Yet another concern, I want to spend time with J as she’s been having some rough times lately.  I guess I can always make it up with some writing, as I have been doing recently.

Hope it all goes well.  I’m nervous, but at the same time excited.  I’ll try and embrace the school vacation spirit and be as carefree as possible…


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