Well, back from Mausoleum party.  I only stuck around for a little bit–Ellen drove me, which I’m very thankful for; I wouldn’t have wanted to stay any longer, unless I had run into some close friends.  And even then, probably not, unless it happened that a whole bunch of my good friends just happened to be congregated in one group.  Unlikely.

Anyhoo, I’ve done both work and “play” today (“play” being defined loosely) so this blog post is an attempt to get some “relax” in there too.

Went to the party in sera fuku.  Yeah, it was damn cold, but it was okay once I started dancing.  I brought 3 pair of ultras but only ended up using one–that’s about how long I danced.  The music actually wasn’t quite that bad; they had a nice 4-on-the-floor-beat going.  We (me and ellen) were kind of near the edge of the crowd and I didn’t feel like wandering in closer though; so it was a little softer than I would have liked.  But whatever.  I wanted to dance a bit so I cracked my ultras and started going.

I didn’t really feel like I was flowing that well today.  Partly because I was hindered by my outfit, partly because I’m out of practice, partly because of the atmosphere, partly because of the cold.  People reacted, but as usual they were dumb losers about it.  I brought glowsticks to mausoleum party 2 years ago too–back when it was in Old Union.  When I did it two years ago I was still into stringing, so I started doing some glowstringing.  First thing was that people were too dumb to give me space.  Second thing was that losers started to intentionally put their hands in the way and then recoil in pain when the sticks hit them.  I did not understand these people.  They were weird.

Anyways, this time a few people started to sketch on me (9_9) though not that bad.  There were some people watching in a supportive (i use the word supportive loosely) way though so it wasn’t all bad.  But I remember thinking at some point–man, you guys are all DUMB LOSERS.  I’m just going to dance and not give a shit.  So I closed my eyes and just listened to the music and flowed for a bit (though like I said the flow wasn’t really all there).

I also had the funny thought that, this weekend is yaoi-con and I would probably feel much safer around a random person who was interested in “fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships” than your everyday Stanford student at maus party.  9_9  Then again I’ve never been to yaoi-con and haven’t heard much about it so what the hell do I know anyways?

It was good to dance a bit though; haven’t done it in a while.  Last time I did was at my coworker’s wedding, which was funtimes as well though curiously enough I was slightly sick for that too, haha.  I didn’t have glowsticks at that time which was a shame.  Oh well.  Anyways, nothing will really compare to when I was dancing in Fanime like I was the only person that existed in the world.  That was pretty euphoric.  I think there are only two real scenarios that work well for me dancing and having a damn good time–either me dancing around a group of people who know me well, or me dancing when hardly anyone is around.  When I was at Fanime, after all, I went back a little later and did some more dancing when a bit of a crowd had gathered–it was then that my ultras made a circle form around me.  But that wasn’t nearly as fun as when I just busted some ultras in the middle of the not-at-all-crowded dance floor before then, and was just there, solo, with the music.

Also, ginseng released a new vid:


pretty interesting.  It’s both a good ginseng vid and a bad ginseng vid at the same time, but I argue that it’s more good than bad.  I liked it.  Makes me wish I was more skilled though.  Ah well, it’s okay.  I’m not up to “that level” in glowsticking yet, the same way that I am with music production.  And that’s fine; it’s less important to me.  But still fun!  I might hold a glowsticking workshop at some point.  We’ll see.  (I know I’m “at that level” in music production because of the feedback I’ve gotten in OHCs)

Also I am having haircut anxiety issues and I don’t know what to do.  help.

Also random people have vids of me dancing on their iphones now.  Dunno how I feel about that, other than 9_9 9_9 9_9.

Also I feel comfortable with dancing without glowsticks now, curiously enough.  It’s not at the same level at all, but I can still at least have fun doing it.

Also, people already have not enough inhibitions normally…so when their inhibitions are even lower when they’re drunk, it’s terribad!  I think even if I managed to become piss-drunk I still wouldn’t drop to the level of even a normal person.


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