Somehow every thursday I manage to get stressed, usually right after OHC ends.  I guess it’s because while I have been spending my hour+10 mins composing for OHC the real world has kept on turning, and then while I’m doing listening party I sometimes want to attend to other matters at the same time.  So I kind of get anxious.

Lots of stuff to do.  We’re pushing for the game to be submitted at the end of next week, which means I have to really crunch down on it now.  It’s definitely doable, but I’m going to have to allocate a good amount of my energy to it.  Somehow I slacked off a little bit after midterms and I guess I’m a little bit wary now, hehe.

Will wear costume-y clothes this weekend!  Probably not tomorrow because of how the schedule works out…and because there’s no social dance class anyways.  I could wear costume on saturday and monday.  That seems about right.

Whenever I get into this mood there’s a few things that always help.  The main thing is getting-stuff-done-mode.  There’s also writing about it, and also sleeping, but mainly it’s getting-stuff-done-mode.  Ikuzeeeeeeee!~~

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