Language status

Secondary languages, I mean.

French is still probably the most proficient, just because I studied it for so long.  I forgot a lot of the subtleties, and I have to think about it more if I ever need to think about things like pronouns and such, but for the most part things come fairly naturally.  I still get that phenomenon where if I’m trying to think of something in japanese or chinese the french phrase will pop up first.

Chinese is the same as it’s always been, though the reading and writing is probably terribad now since it’s been so long.  I’m not really learning or practicing chinese like, ever, so it’s very stagnant.  But every so often I’ll see if I can overlap my canto and mandarin a little more–as in, learn some words in mandarin that i only knew in cantonese before.  But usually it doesn’t stick unless it’s something that’s at least somewhat familiar.

Japanese is getting a lot better–whereas Chinese is kind of like, I can respond to some questions and get a “general picture” of what you’re trying to say (but the details are never there), Japanese I can actually understand as long as you only use simple words.  And I can have a conversation like that!  It’s necessarily limited, but still interesting nonetheless.  I also started to practice kanji during class, yay.  The class is only learning easy-peasy kanji like 一人で and 月 and 日 and 木, so not really anything…so to keep myself interested (it makes class a lot more active and difficult) I’ve been practicing 宿題 and 買う and 起きる and 寝る and 朝御飯 and such.  yay…


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