Todays theme is “The Moon.”

Short theme description this week.  The actual description was a -tad- longer, but again not that long because…well, this week was riddled with technical issues.  ThaSauce was hopelessly borked, so the plan was to run compo through IRC and then use a different site to upload.  Well, but then that site turned out to be kind of borked too.  So then we started to email starla our entries…it was a big mess.  Finally though, analoq pulled through and ThaSauce got back up and we could upload as normal.  Which is the only reason why I show up as second entry even though I finished at like 7:16 haha.

Anyhow, the theme was a good one–spacey themes are always good for my style.  I did something slightly off-the-wall last week, so I wanted to get back to just doing pure “lay down the music and don’t worry about things too much” this week.  However, before I started I wanted to use the TS404 synth (one of my new friends) because it has PWM and by using PWM you can get a chiptuney nintendo-sounding square wave, which I like.

So in the beginning of my entry you can hear this nice chippy arp synth.  Sweet!  Then the triangle bass comes in–again, sounding like a classic NES tune, but then comes the beat and chords and offbeat bass and we’re into a steady 4-on-the-floor pattern.  I layer percussion on top of this, and then a neat little triangle-synth lead with some vibrato, and then comes the breakdown.

The breakdown was pretty hastily constructed.  Actually, the entire song was really hastily constructed–after all, this is my longest OHC entry ever, at almost FIVE MINUTES!  So I didn’t get to really polish anything, really.  And the breakdown was basically me just copy-pasting the chords and then finding presents that work, and automating lowpass filters.  But it didn’t actually sound that bad!

But then comes the real meat of the entry: the oh-so-sweet sidechained bassline.  I’ve been meaning to use this sort of bassline in one of my entries for a while now, and I’m glad I finally had the chance to do it–I really like the sound of it.  It’s amazing that it only took me a few minutes to construct it too–a bassline like this used to be pretty much unattainable for me back in the day.  Just goes to show you how far I’ve come since then, I guess.

Then we have more trance-style buildup–there’s really long phrases here, which is the main reason the song is so long in the first place.  Things get ever-so-slightly repetitive here, but being accustomed to long trance songs I’m actually pretty okay with it.  And the chords really seem to fit “far side of the moon” — there’s a kind of mysterious feeling associated with them.

After two repetitions of the main chorus (the second time with some sidechained pad action), I take out the progression and just sit in C for all of the elements except the sidechained bass, and filter it out gradually.  And then we’re off to a simple trance outro, filtering out until the final reverse cymbal.

Almost 5 minutes of song worth produced in 1 hour–it’s really amazing how much OHC has done for my production skills.

As a side note, I was attempting to record myself on camcorder for the process of making the song, but I ended up running out of tape partway through so that kind of fell through.  I’ll try again next week and see if I can get it to work.


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