Smarter Decisions / Benefit of the Doubt / Anime Destiny

Finally attempting to catch up on blog posts xD


I have to start making smarter decisions.  Man, it feels really weird to be saying this retroactively, lol!  But yes, I’m actually not doing bad at all, but there have been some decisions that have wasted time that shouldn’t have been wasted.  So I should try and avoid that a little more and be slightly more self-disciplined.  Not by much because I’m already doing a fantastic job (muahahaha, you people all suck =P) but just a little.


There are a lot of people whom I don’t like and whom I think suck a lot.  But, there is still the benefit of the doubt to take into consideration!  You don’t actually have to give people the benefit of the doubt, and you don’t have to even treat people the same way that you would if they had the full benefit of the doubt, but you should at least -respect- them in the same way as you would if you gave them the benefit of the doubt.  I’m not sure this is making sense.  But at some points there will definitely be times when you figure out somebody else’s point of view…well, not even their point of view, but their circumstances, and then they might make more sense.  Even if that person is still a “bad” person in whatever way, maybe there’s at least a reason for their badness.

I do things that get me stares and that get me laughed at, both in good and bad ways.  Most of the time it’s acceptable but there are times when it’s not.  I don’t really care if you say things under your breath or behind my back, but at least have the tact to not be rude!  Blar.  Well, what can you do, really?  People like that just suck…and you should still respect them!  blarg!

Also, just because it’s relevant


Anime Destiny was this past Saturday at Berkeley.  It was fun!  Though somehow very tiring.

It was a bit of a smaller con, of course, so nothing like Fanime or anything like that.  Basically an excuse to cosplay and hang out in cosplay and…uhmmm….yea.  Went with Russ and Tiphanie, so it was just the three of us.  Car ride was long…longer than ideal.  To make matters worse I couldn’t sleep until like 4:00AM the night before.  Bad timing for insomnia FTL.  I attempted to sleep at probably around 2 or something but it didn’t work.  Later I just woke up and looked at clothes for way too long, etc. and then I was like ocrap it’s 4.  Uhmm…yea.  So I got less than 4 hours of sleep.  Boooo.  Played a little bit of NDS_TGM on the car ride there, but mostly just slept.  I was in full cosplay in the car but still managed to sleep fine; though my hat fell off at some point randomly.  Also, it is very difficult to sit in a car when you have wings >_<.  I’m pretty sure I ended up dreaming of at least one game of tetris.  Haha.

Arrived at con.  Was a bit chilly and I questioned whether it was a good idea to go pantsless but then decided it was fine because it’s more fun this way (I was wearing a skirt silly, I’m not a pervert like that), and moreover it was supposed to get warmer later in the day anyways.  Followed Russ as he attempted to find his contact so he could set up for his panel.  On the way we saw a random book on the ground and the title was Necromicon.  I was gonna make a DotA joke to Russ but he was on the phone at the time.  Oh well.

Russ ran off somewhere and me and Tiphanie proceeded to register.  Registration for the cosplay contest was also open but I was like meh, I don’t really want to enter.  Went in, and first thing we did was go to the quiz contest which was i guess kind of fun.  I didn’t really take it too seriously but it wasn’t actually -too- bad.  My hand shot up WAY in the air for voice actor of Nagato Yuki but then I got really disappointed because it asked for the -America- voice actor.  Dammit.  Anyways, we didn’t end up winning but it’s okay because the prize was a bunch of manga and I don’t think I was interested in really any of them, so phew.

Artists alley was small of course, but still alright.  Tiphanie won a drawing from a booth by naming all of the things in the drawing (it was a challenge).  She needed some help from me for figuring out what a few of the things were, so that was fun.  There was this set of arrows near the top of the drawing and I figured out that they were from a music game, but didn’t know which.  At first I thought it was that really obscure japanese one with the rabbit thing walking on the line, but it wasn’t.  So I started going through all of the bemani/music games i knew — guitarfreaks, drummania, iidx, dancemaniax, ITG, DDR, parappa the rapper, pump it up, … and then finally hit Para Para Paradise and that was it.  Haha, so that was fun.

Dealer’s room was alright too.  Only ended up buying one thing, which was good.  It was a really cute Di Gi Charat pencil board.  Tiphanie and me proceed to laugh about how I’ve already gotten like 3 Di Gi Charat things and I haven’t even ever seen the anime yet xD.  But I have a lot of confidence in it because it looks cute AND it’s Koge-Donbo!  I really need to find it soon =X.  I was also tempted to buy the 1st volume of the Pita-Ten manga but then decided against it.  Blah.  It was the right decision.  I also kept in mind that I was planning on making a clothes order soon and so didn’t want to spend any significant amount of money.

Panels were meh…but okay.  Caught like half of both of Russ’s panels.  During the Touhou one me and Tiphanie looked through Russ’s doujinshi and tried to find any appearances of my character (Lily White) and actually managed to find her one or two times, which made me happy xD  Lily White is pretty obscure…although, I guess if I cosplayed as Lily -Black- that would be REALLY obscure.  Though, hmm…Lily White + Lily Black cosplay pair would be super adorable.  Wonder if that’s ever been done.  Actually it’s kind of hard to find Lily White cosplay photos period!  Managed to find one though.  Here:

Was a panel on cosplay too, though I think the presentation could have been much better; it was more talktalk rather than useful stuff.  There was a brief mention of crossplay but the person presenting was a girl and only talked about FtM, and said she couldn’t really tell anything about MtF because…she didn’t know.  Also she made the point that if there are any parents out there, they shouldn’t worry about crossplay because it doesn’t mean people want to actually be the opposite gender; it’s just having fun.  I mentally coughed, but said nothing ^^;

Skipped out on lunch because no one else was gonna go with me.  That wasn’t really the greatest decision; my lunch basically ended up being a chewy bar.  Should have ran to subway.  Oh well.  Cosplay contest was okay; though they had audio issues which made some things awkward.  Russ won best craftsmanship -again- haha.  Oh yea, and I forgot to mention, I missed the first part of Russ’s Touhou panel because he came up to me and was like hey some people want you to enter the cosplay contest.  So I went back down and got the registration form and then started to fill it out…but then got unsure.  I just grabbed the form and said I’d be back, and went back to Russ’s panel.  And then made the decision not to enter because I didn’t want to.  I think it was a combination of, I didn’t have anything prepared to do–not even poses, and I wasn’t really ready to show off in a costume that I don’t feel is er…perfect.  Not that Xavier’s costume isn’t great and all, but I didn’t feel as confident with it.  Anyways, that ended up being the right decision, so hooray for me!

Oh crap, I keep on doing things out of order.  Before cosplay contest was Yukie’s concert, which went alright despite…more technical issues.  The name that vocaloid song event was fun, and it was really close between russ and the miku girl who ended up winning.  And I already mentioned Rolling Girl in a previous post.  Then we had the Cirno’s Perfect Math Class, which was a boatload of fun, haha.  Yayyyyyy.

Anyways, after all of that the convention was dying down so we said goodbye to some peoples and ran into some peoples blah blah and packed up and embarked on the drive back.  Russ had problems staying awake.  I would have gone to sleep but felt bad/worried for Russ so I just played more NDS_TGM instead.  We ended up having to make a rest stop to grab coffee/food.  More NDS_TGM.  I’ve been getting a LOT better at tetris in the past few months–my consistency has improved by an awesome amount.

Got back and ate dinner in cosplay but then changed out of cosplay because I was just too darn tired.  And wanted to feel more comfortable.  That’s one of the downsides of the Lily White cosplay–mainly because of the wings, it’s uncomfortable.  The wings are also deteriorating–every time I wear the outfit I shed a little haha, and there’s starting to be a tear in the frame so that’s bad too.  So yeah, I should put the outfit to rest at some point and definitely get another one.  Or there’s always the sera fuku I guess.  Which is what I’ll do for halloween since I have nothing else.

Anime meeting was after that–was surprised I wasn’t quite that tired and falling asleep during it.  Played smash there which was not really a smart decision; oh well.


Phew finally caught up on blogging.  Catchupcatchupcatchup…


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