Busy (2), San Jose Spirit of Japantown Festival

It’s 2:30 AM and I need to get up in less than 7 hours.  Ouch.  Also, I just ate, so I’ve only got a few minutes before my brain really starts shutting down.  A normal person would just call it quits and just sleep.  However, I am not a normal person.  I’m nocturnal, and I really like getting stuff done at night.  I always go the extra mile, and won’t call it quits, ever.  I feel a compulsive need to get my thoughts and feelings out in writing, otherwise they never get out at all.

I do need to catch up on sleep -somehow- though.  I’m not sure how it’s going to happen.  Grrr…well, assuming I do that, and then maybe pay more attention to my diet in the coming days–perhaps try to eat like 5 or 6 meals a day and cut each one, then perhaps I’ll be able to get through more stuff.  I’m always constantly just like -one- day behind.  Blargh.

Well, I’m still trying to figure out how to balance everything.  There is a way; I’m sure of it.  Trying harder can get me partway–as it always does (and that’s the reason I manage to stick to things much, much better than anyone else), but I need a -little- bit more to get me all the way home to “cruising along just fine” instead of being -slightly- overwhelmed by things.

I faced a tough decision last night–whether to go with Russ to the SJ Spirit of Japantown festival today (Saturday).  I ended up going, which ended up being the right choice–getting to cosplay as Lily White again was very refreshing, and hanging out with Russ was fun.  And it was really fun to be approached by people for pictures again.  Getting to show some Kimball people Lily White was fun as well.  The con (that’s con, not convention xD) was spending a bit more time than I would have liked there.  I think it would have been better if we had spent maybe 1 or 2 hours less.  But I didn’t really mind.  Also other con was i’m pretty sure my nose got sunburned a little (darn).  And also I probably didn’t get as many pictures of myself as I should have out of shyness/etc.  It’s okay.

Juliann made my day today by asking if I wanted to go to dinner.  It’s the small things that count, really.

Anime club meeting was fun too (more Lily White!), and Toradora seems interesting.  I also got to take home a Pita-Ten folder (thanks Natalie), which made me really really happy.  You should have seen how excited I was when they announced that they had something from Pita-Ten there.  I was like OMGOMGOMG.  I don’t like series like Pita-Ten and Kamichama Karin and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (hmm, all Koge Donbo works xD…I should really watch Di Gi Charat) quite as much as say, Nanoha or something, but I think I get more excited about them because they’re so obscure.  Especially Pita-Ten.  <3~

Spent a little bit longer than I should have at club playing Melee.  Darn.  Was fun though; haven’t played since the last day of my internship.  Wasn’t really the same as when I played with Vincent though.  I miss that guy.

This week is going to be another tough one to get through.  I think I have to catch up on all of my readings and lectures tomorrow; that’s the only way it’s going to happen.  Because then I have Google thing on monday (might ditch) and taiji on monday followed by dinner with either taiji or bonnie, then Japanese quiz tuesday, CS242 due Wednesday, CS144 and japanese due thursday, japanese midterm friday, anime club saturday, japan festival (???) sunday…

Yeah.  I guess classes are not something I can trivialize anymore.  Damn.  I think it’s not something I can trivialize anymore not just because of the classes themselves (though they are -slightly- more busy than usual), but mainly because I don’t have enough buffer space to leisurely spend around on whatever.

There are certain things in my life which I don’t really ever need to allocate any “motivational energy” towards.  TGM is the best example.  IIDX and Touhou probably qualify too.  And blogging.  These are all things that I do without needing to be motivated.  There are also things like OHC that I do well just because it’s every thursday so that’s easy (plus i’m motivated already anyways).

Then there are these one-off things, and I think I have too many of those on my plate right now, but don’t want to drop any of them.  I just need to get through some more of them.  Things like pictures, music, external HD stuff, …

Then there are things that aren’t really one-off, but are more big projects, like music for the game, christmas letters, website, scrapbooks, and such.

And then there’s stuff that are continuous things, like clarinet, guitar, writing in general, dance (not social dance), and things like that.

Grrr…I’m still disappointed by the amount of things that I’m not getting to.  It shouldn’t have to be this bad.

Well, I’ll work at it.  Not going to sacrifice sleep either.  I’m not going to be one of those people who gets an average of 6-7 hours of sleep.  No…I’m going to make it up so I can get up to like 8 or something at least.  Somehow.


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