What would happen if Google released some new spankin social networking thingamajigger?

Scenario 1:

“OMG IT’S GOOGELLL!!!11! and I’m already using gmail 24/7 and using gtalk 24/7 because my browser window with gmail open is the center of my universe, so this is even BETTER WHOO.”

Everyone switches over.  FB becomes a ghost town.

-It’d be interesting to see what Google comes out with.  New toy to play with.

-Now there’s a new “cool thing”.  Ugh.
-FB becomes another “uncool thing”.  Ugh.
-Issue of how to cross-correlate and crosspost and maintain things; transferring picture data; etc.

Scenario 2:

New product fails to reach mainstream, like google wave or buzz.

-Life continues as normal.  No madness.  No drama.  No stupidity.
-In the best case, creates a neat and new niche community.

-Might still cause drama if it makes a big enough splash.

Scenario 3:

People adapt both; much as people have adapted both FB and Twitter?

-A new toy to play with, and one more site to add to my web presence! 

-How to cross-post and maintain and sync everything.
-Amount of time people spend doing stupid things on social networks (which are not inherently stupid) increases.


Erg…it’s like a no win situation!  But the status quo isn’t a winning situation either.  The best you can hope for from my point is not to lose.  I guess that’s certainly possible.


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