WTF MAN todays theme is RAGE

Short theme this week, and one that I kind of did before in “Split the Earth”.  I actually think Split the Earth was a better RAEG entry, but that makes sense, as I was feeling more rage that week, hahaha.

I was also maybe not feeling quite as inspired as I could have been, since I finished up a song for my game early in the morning, and then after that did a good chunk of another song for the game.  So today involved lots of music-making ^^;

This week I wasn’t really feeling rage-y, but I did my best anyways.  I started out with a halftempo section, which ended up being a really great decision.  There’s some weird sound textures created with Element of Surprise and such, and then there’s a distort-glitch into a short 4-bar sidechained pad before we finally get into the UNTZ UNTZ.

The UNTZ UNTZ this week is, unfortunately, not that great.  Somehow I wasn’t really feeling it, and some of the ideas that I threw in there didn’t work as well as they should have.  Oh well.  It’s still pretty decent; just a little lacking compared to what it perhaps could have been.

After the UNTZ I do another really cool glitch back into halftime, which I think works really well =).  And I’m glad I made it back to the halftime section as I really like the drums here.  I add some other elements here and glitch up the drums a little, before ending with some glitch fx again.

Barely made 4 minutes this time.  Not that that’s really bad at all–haha; some months ago I was struggling to hit 2 minutes, after all.  Another fun entry.

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