OSX wins…this time.

Though it’s not actually “winning”, it’s just standing its ground.

This weekend I was planning on doing a bootcamp partition install of win7 on the macbook, but david helped me realize that it wouldn’t be worth the trouble at all since the only thing it would let me do is run FL Studio (probably not up to par, and having to deal with a boatload of troubles), and some other stuff (touhou games, which already run on osx anyways o_o;), and have my familiar windows UI back.  So it’s really not worth it.

I just managed to get my chrome script running on the macbook, and it seems to work just fine, opening up all my tabs in rapid succession.  yay…

I would still feel a little…distaste at having to carry around this thing in public, but I’ve always got my faithful desktop around after all.  And besides, now I can defend both Mac from the Mac-haters -and- windows from the windows-haters!

2 thoughts on “OSX wins…this time.

  1. inchoateperfection

    Haha, that’s kinda funny. I hope you can defend Macs from being a Kelley-hater because Macs ALWAYS refuse to let me get things done on time. ):Btw: I went to Glendale yesterday, and there was a grand opening of a Sanrio Surprises! I totally thought of you! Also, Build-a-Bear has Sanrio characters!

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