This weeks theme is “Lost in a futuristic dome city.”

So, this week’s was a lot of fun, as usual.  My first inclination upon seeing the theme was to use some sound out of the Ugo “Motion” synth, which specializes in evolving and dynamic growling sounds.  So that’s what you hear in the first 8 bars here.  I took the tempo way down, first to 100, then 90, then I think I may have even settled on 80 BPM.  Going for a very ambient feel.

Next I threw in the drums, which I’m very, very pleased with.  I didn’t really make any “mistakes”–I laid down the skeleton, threw a loop on top of it, worked on the processing, sequenced some variations, and then after it was looking fairly complete i even threw on a tiny bit of distortion and even a lo-fi plugin to make it sound meaty and gritty.  I’m happy with the variations that came out of it too.

Of course, then I threw on dblue glitch for some drumglitch fun.  I can’t really get enough of it, it seems.  My friend warns me that I’m starting to overuse it, which may be true. ^^;

After that the rest of the song was basically just me playing around with sounds.  Though the vibrato-y theremin-esque synth was something that I had in my mind ever since the song started to come together.  The bell sounds are from Synth1; I’m going to have to use those a little more often since I’ve often admired bell synth sounds in other songs.

Overall something I’m very happy with.  Came out at 3 minutes too, which is my longest entry ever–even longer than the Galaxia trance song that I managed to whip together that other time.  Though I guess it makes sense since I’m repeating a little more and the tempo is so slow.  Still, something I’m proud of.  And the drums are just.  so.  tasty.  The glitch at 2:22 is something I’m particularly happy with, as it turned out even better than I had expected. 

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