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To think that I only stumbled upon Leigh Alexander’s site after doing a very on-a-whim google search for “SVGL”, which to me stands for sunnyvale golfland.

I don’t have much to say about the first article, other than the fact that it strikes a note on the same chord as this one which questions why the gaming industry is…well, not “fun”.  It’s troubling to me as a future game developer, but even more troubling to me a gamer.  There’s just so much -bad- out there, that sometimes I feel like I need to do all I can to save face…somehow.  It’s the same reason that I feel so very frustrated when I lose as Mewtwo in SSBM.  Though he is no longer at the bottom of the MBR tier list (pichu regained that spot at some point), I still look to him as the hardest character to play, and as a result I find that I try harder than ever to win when I play as him.  Because to be destroyed by a fox, a falco, a marth, as Mewtwo is just somehow -disheartening-.

There’s just too much hate in the world.  And of course, that’s the same reason why I feel the need to defend windows and mac when they receive their respective piles of hate.  Though I guess it’s different from the reasons for which I uphold my 640×480 graphics and beloved 2D sprites.

On the second article, I only have to say that I can’t even think of many games I’ve played that let you play as a female protagonist.  And that makes me really sad, because I feel like I can -only- identify with female protagonists.

A really, really interesting question: Is there a visual novel out there that lets me play out the role of a girl?

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