Just came really close to a 1CC of touhou: mountain of faith. A legit one too, since there’s no changing the number of lives you start with in this game.
At this point I should probably just go back through the other ones I’ve already cleared and do legit 1CCs on them. It shouldn’t be quite that difficult given that I learn how to bomb. If mountain of faith doesn’t teach me that, I don’t know what will.

At lunch today so-and-so commented on how quiet I was. Perhaps in my younger years I would have felt embarrassed, ashamed…maybe even guilty. But now I didn’t feel that at all. Sure, I definitely feel regret when I can’t speak myself to my friends. But in the kinds of situations where I consciously -encourage- myself to enclose myself in a brick wall casing, I have no qualms about it whatsoever.

I was walking with my brother and my nee-san and the dog today, and I thought to myself: so…this is what it feels like, to have a family…

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