UN Squadron = finished. Okay, I used save state a bit in the latter stages–it was hard!

I still think stage 3 is the funnest part of the game. Of course, it’s probably a lot easier when you use bombs, as in the video, but that stage is when I feel most in “shmup mode” and I’m weaving in and out of bullets and enemy ships.

I might give Gradius 3 a shot next. I’m still not sure where I fall on the bullet hell vs non-bullet hell spectrum. I guess I should try out the touhou games again.


ah hell, maybe i’ll play Tyrian. God knows that’s the one shooting game that I’ve spent hours upon hours on anyways.


hell, i don’t think I’ve ever actually played the full game of tyrian. Oh man…this’ll go down on the todo list, for sure…


Well I downloaded the DS port of tyrian. It’s Tyrian 2.1, not tyrian 2000, and opentyrian at that, so it’s not the full game, but whatever. Now I have something besides TGM and TDS to play on my DS, haha (not gonna start any more VNs on DS, I’ve already got Kanon to go through, and Narcissu 2). I’ll probably play on Impossible difficulty or something, so as to actually give me a challenge.

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