No time to write a really long blog post; I need to go to bed! Class at 9:30AM tomorrow…

first day of class, and I felt almost as if I was back in high school again, for a moment. The weather was BEAUTIFUL; I really feel energized by overcast weather…sunny weather just makes me miserable. Social dance was fun; it’s nice to have a class where you’re actually encouraged to interact with others for once. And I had a pleasant surprise later in the evening as well.

Things are kind of really busy; but I think off to a good start. Actually, those two might be somewhat related. Perhaps the secret is to fill my life chock full of stuff…then there won’t be quite as much of an imbalance in terms of how much free time I have to spend on friends; and there won’t be as much empty time for me to think about lonely thoughts.

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  1. DDRKirbyISQ

    @inchoateperfection – wait, what prompted you to say something about being put on a pedestal? You mean interacting with others is akin to being placed on a pedestal?When I think about that phrase I think about the way that I sometimes get in the mood of thinking that my friends are perfect beings who can do no wrong–it’s a mechanism so that I can more easily believe in them wholeheartedly.

  2. inchoateperfection

    @DDRKirbyISQ – Oh, I meant like in language class. At least, for me, it’s been happening in German — getting called out to speak about my partner. It kind of sucks ‘cos I’m really rusty and he keeps acting like I actually learned how to speak in German, but I really didn’t. /=

  3. DDRKirbyISQ

    @inchoateperfection – Ah, okay. Yeah, that’s definitely different, haha.Interestingly enough I feel like when I go to social dance class I like to act really girly. I think I tend to retreat into my girl self when I feel nervous or shy sometimes…but I’m not really sure if it should be considered “retreating” since it’s not really covering up anything–my girl side IS really central to who I am…

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