Norcal Tetris Meet 2

Hooray! Today was the second norcal tetris meet, and although the turnout was slightly less than expected (it was basically me + SJSU CS club xD), it was still great fun! As an added bonus, this week is the annual Carnival of Death, a weeklong celebration of “Death Mode” (my favorite TGM mode), so we played a whole bunch of death, which was awesome.

Kitaru captured streams of a bunch of the action and put them up; I’m linking them here.
-TGM1 vs tourney. I lost to Ray in my first round (not that surprisingly; i’m really unconfident about vs modes in general), then beat a non-TC guy in the loser’s bracket, but surprisingly I actually ended up beating Kitaru in finals o_o Though I guess afterwards he beat me. Then we did a little bit of 20G versus which was a lot more relaxed for me since I always always play death mode ^^;
-some random TGM1 playing while I was doing other stuff. I think I was playing Tetris Attack vs mode with Sean (i think? i forget since i wasn’t properly introduced and i’m terrible with names anyways), and he kept on dying because he couldn’t match 3 to clear my garbage quick enough. Which, ironically, is something I have a great deal of trouble with, but usually I don’t worry about it because I’m too busy chaining stuff instead =P
-Then Kitaru set up his insane funfun ridiculous 4P COOP tetris game with the PS2 multitap. What ensued was sheer epic madness. If you start watching at 2:23:14 and keep going for a few minutes, Kitaru pulls off a T-spin triple amongst all the madness, which was EPIC.
-And here’s a crapload of death mode. For the majority (like at least 90%) of this I’m on the left and Kitaru is on the right. Good times. We both had a crapload of crappy runs, but we also had some good things happen too. Starting at 41:19 I get to 500 for the first time this Carnival, and my time was 3:27.71, which is only 2.71 seconds away from M rank!!! I got my M rank in Texmaster (with keyboard) by manual locking through 300-400, but I think it’s probably safer if I don’t try that; especially since I’m not quite as comfortable with stick (I’m getting a lot better, but I still can’t do fancy things like double-taps as easily). So just focus on going through 0-300 a little faster and then stacking cleanly.

All in all, a really fun day filled with…tetris tetris tetris xD. I didn’t play as much keyblox as I wanted to; I’ll practice it a little more soon (new version will be out soon, btw =D).

After that I had dinner and…was pretty damn tired, especially from helping the CS club lug some of kitaru’s stuff around. So at like 10:30-10:45 or so I actually decided to call it a night O_O. Crazy, I know…but I didn’t really have anything that I needed to do at that moment and I really -was- feeling tired. I always hate going to bed at that hour because it feels like I still have so much more stuff that I could/should/want to do, but I figured I’d wake up early at like 7:30 or something and work then. Of course, I ended up waking up in the middle of the night at like 4:45AM because of delayed onset muscle soreness (or something like that; i was x_x for a little bit before i took some advil), so the plan didn’t exactly end up working out as well as I’d hoped. Not sure how much longer I’ll stay up; I should probably try to head back to bed, but I want to take care of one or two more little things before that, at least.

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