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mixed feelings. it’s great that a classic is being preserved, and the new graphics DO have their own very neat appeal, but…it seems somehow wrong.

But then I guess, if you really wanted to stay true to the original, you’d just simply get the original -anyways-. So I guess from that viewpoint this gets a thumbs up. Makes me wonder what they’ll do with the music, though.

I mean, the music, sprites, etc, -already- got remade with final fantasy origins, right? Haha…



Okay, so I’m in this music class where we basically just talk about really interesting things about the way people perceive music for 2 hours, and one thing that the professor mentioned was how emotion can be expressed through doorknocks. Of course, ever since I heard that, I’ve become even =more= self-conscious when I knock on people’s doors, so now I have a knock pattern that sounds as timid as humanly possible and is barely audible. Hahaha…

I also had a bizarre, bizarre dream about french class last night. With Mrs. Balesteri. Hahahahahahaha…

Timm[ie] is Back

This experience isn’t something to be blogged about.

Instead, I will just say one thing. From this day forward, I will be Timm[ie] again. So, the world can just suck it, because I’m going to be awesome, and happy, and girly, and all of those amazing things that everyone loves about me.

nothing like some glowsticking to relieve emotional anxiety. This was my first pair of cylaume ultras and I gotta say, they’re god damn awesome. Not just the brightness (when you first crack them they’re already at max brightness! No shaking like a retard), but also they just =feel= right.

I don’t know if insomnia has ever been so troubling before. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m madly in love, or because of the issues I’ve been sulking over, but being up at this time alone in my room isn’t fun anymore. What is going wrong with me?

*deep breath*

ok, i’m ok. =DDD

I guess I did see it coming, but I’ve kind of been tossed into an emotional roller-coaster. Well, no, that’s not quite right, because it’s not really quite like a roller-coaster, and I hate roller-coasters anyways. Something more like a swing. Even on a swing there is that moment of weightlessness, that uncertainty where if you close your eyes and forget where you are–forget about the reality that is the swing, firmly grounded in simplicity–your heart skips a beat. Yet the rocking motion is somehow comforting, and certainly seems to be more meaningful than when you were just standing there. At the same time, if things accelerate too much, then fear takes over–no longer are things gentle and soft, but instead you’re thrown to and fro and can’t stop…

I’m slowly, slowly, slowly learning to speak my heart.


I just had a scary thought that things in the real world will be even harder than in college. That’s an extremely unsettling thought, and I’d rather not think about it at all. I’ve got enough on my hands as is, trying to live in the moment.

300 letters

Today I finished my 300th letter (started keeping track in July of 2007). I’ve averaged 0.322 letters per day so far, which is a little less than one letter per 3 days.

I’ve received 64 letters, which is 0.0687 per day–one every 2 weeks or so. I think one every week would be nicer, but I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining.

People who I’ve written most to: Stephanie Chieng, Juliann Ma, Parisha Shah, Alexa Kiene, Amy Kwon, Elizabeth Park, Kristina Finnegan, Theresa Tran, Joy Su

People who I’ve received the most letters from: Stephanie Chieng, Kelley Le, Kristina Finnegan

My “Blue Day Letter” project was sent out to 8 people, but ended being a pretty miserable failure.

…that’s all. no venting of how people suck, no introspective thoughts. Just a milestone that I thought I’d point out.