It’s always interesting to ask people how important they think they are to you, because usually it’s actually very difficult to get a good sense of how much you mean to someone. Different people care about others in different amounts and different ways, and you don’t really know the details of their interactions with others, so it’s difficult to get a good sense of things.

I’m a good example of this, of course. I write really long and thoughtful hand-written letters to my friends, and I call them up and ask how they’re doing and everything…which goes beyond what a lot of other people do, both male and female. But I write letters to a -lot- of different people–people who I’m not particularly close with too. So even though I’m taking the time and effort to write you this nice little letter, it still doesn’t really tell you much about how much you mean to me. Which is interesting. Add that on top of the fact that I’m generally really quiet in a group setting, so people often only get to know me through one-on-one interactions, and I think it makes it seem perhaps even more important to show those few people who are truly important to me that I care. There’s no way they can tell otherwise, really.

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