Suppose I made a fb note, tagged every single one of my friends in it, and wrote “If you do not comment on this note within 5 days, I will unfriend you”. How many do you think I’d have left? What if I did it with a status update? A xanga post? (cross-posted, of course) What if I blasted a private message to everyone? What if I made a GROUP saying “If you do not join this group by xx/xx I will unfriend you”? What if I left PHONE messages on everyone’s cell phone?

I really shouldn’t have gone down this train of thought. =/

The funniest part is, back in the old golden age of Xanga (well, “golden” in a very subjective way), you used to be able to post something that said either: “Does anyone still read this?” or “I wish people would comment more often…” and you’d instantly get 5 replies within the next 24 hours. Hahaha…oh man, the irony.

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