D2 Mod craziness

As you probably…may or may not know, I’ve been playing these 2 Diablo 2 mods recently, forgoing any classic LoD action until the 1.13 patch is out (who knows when that’ll happen xD)

One of them is Median XL.  A very well-thought-out mod that just seems very professional and clean.  Everything makes sense, and even though it’s all different, it’s pretty much all refreshing changes.  The main feature of Median XL is the new skill trees–every character has completely redesigned skills, so my Druid can shoot arrows that magically split into more arrows, that magically split into even more arrows…

Here’s the bow my druid is using.  It’s a unique that I socketed with some %ED runes.  I actually didn’t find this unique; I transmuted it using the materials from all the other random junk uniques that I found (suddenly all those unique necromancer heads/etc become useful!).  The (2) indicates the tier of the item; kind of like elite/exceptional for classic LoD, only they can go up to 6.  Originally this was a tier 1 item, and was kind of bad even though it was a unique, so I upped it to tier 2 and now it does nice damage.  The “Already Upgraded!” mod means I already tried the “lucky upgrade” recipe on this item.  It didn’t end up working, so I didn’t get any bonuses.  oh well.

One interesting thing in Median XL is that you can have items with +% exp gain.  Which to me was like OMG.  My druid actually has +%exp gain on his helm, ring, boots, belt, … so in total I think he gets like +11% or +14% experience or something, which is actually pretty significant.

The other mod I’m playing is Zy-El, which is just an insane mod.  It’s insane because it takes EVERYTHING to the extreme.  Maximum character level is 10,000, skills go up to 99.  Monsters are a lot harder, and there’s more of them, and your resists start at -100%, but oh man, the ITEMS.  There’s about a bajillion different kinds of items to keep track of, and a million different cube recipies.  There’s socketed gloves, boots, belts, helms, socketed rings, socketed amulets, socketed CHARMS, and yes, you can even put runewords into charms.  By the way, there’s 50 million runewords to choose from too.

Here’s some screenshots of the craziness:

Oh, I forgot to mention that hirelings can also equip gloves…and boots…and belts…and rings…and amulets…no charms though (haha).  Also, notice the huge inventory, which ironically is STILL NOT BIG ENOUGH (stupid charms filling everything up).  The horadric cube is that 1×1 thing in the corner, and you can fit even MORE stuff inside of it.  Playing vanilla LoD with the regular inventory size is going to be painful later on…

Runewords in charms!  The +1 skills seems really good, but since I’m a barb it actually doesn’t do me quite as much good =(.  Not to mention I’m only level 44, so I only have a few good skills anyways.  I’m leveling SHOUT though.  Whee.

One of my recent creations–a crafted ring with chance to cast static field.  The other random mods I got on it were actually really nice too–life leech, lightning damage, and lightning resists!  The ctc static field is what I made this for though–I could have made it ctc frost nova or something else with a different recipe, but static field is always awesome, and has a low level requirement unlike meteor or something.  I needed 6 rare rings, an elixer, a standard topaz, a unique jewel, and probably some other stuff i’m forgetting, all to make this =P.  CTC is really good for my barb because I attack like 5 times each second with double swing.

Things got a lot easier when I made this one (requires 3 elixers, a rare charm, and some other random stuff).  Melee attacks really hurt me a lot for some reason, so the damage reduction and life really is what I need.  The level 10 bone armor absorbs 3000 points of damage, too!

My current main weapon until I can find something with more sockets.  Scimitars are always great in any flavor of D2 because they have great inherent attack speed.  Note that the majority of the mods on this aren’t actually due to the runeword but are due to cube scrolls that I used to “add on” additional mods.

Some glimpses of my infinite stash.  It’s actually kind of a big mess, but I manage to keep everything going. =P

Minor Celebrity posters.  I need to get 3 matching fragments, and then I’ll have a full poster and things will be a lot easier.  This is one of the top things on my wish list.

Yes, there’s even poker cards that you can collect.  wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

current progress:

Eirie – Lvl 50 LF Amazon – Act 1 Nightmare
Ada – Lvl 42 PS Assassin – Act 1 Nightmare
Kharhthrahk – Lvl 39 Fishymancer – Act 1 Nightmare
Reinier – Lvl 37 Avenger Paladin – Act 1 Nightmare
Haiyiah – Lvl 25 Frenzy Barb – Act 3 Normal
Zod-Eld – Lvl 44 Barb – Act 2 Normal
Median XL
Medias – Lvl 44 Druid – Act 4 Normal
Medea – Lvl 37 Sorc – Act 3 Normal


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