New Song

First time i’ve made anything in =months=.  What you hear here (haha, “hear here”) is a quick intro I threw together (that may or may not end up working…hopefully it does though) and then without any transition (lol) you hear this chorus idea I developed yesterday.  Unfortunately I realized after I put it into production that it shares some undeniable similarities to “When September Ends”.  DAMN YOU GREEN DAY!!! -_-

But this could be good.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m almost afraid to stop working on it because i’ll lose that vibe that I get when I come across a good idea and start working.  But if I -don’t- stop working on it, it’ll end up consuming all of my time.  Agh!

Hopefully I can make this song more melodically complex and less melodically repetitive when compared to my previous works.  I also need -countermelodies-.  Maybe call-and-response type things.

I was also really confused as to what the drum track would look like, but on a whim I just started laying something down and turned on the shuffle a little bit to give it a small swing feel.  It actually worked, yay!

The lead synth is chiptuney too, that was deliberate.

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