Okay, I’ve probably spent a lot on Sanrio (or similar) products in the past 2 or so years.  Even if you don’t count my totally awesome hello kitty arcade stick.  Probably a few hundred dollars.  Especially if you lump in all of the stuff I got at Fanime (another $100+).

The good news is that I’ve spent almost 0 on video games.  When I’m at some electronics store, there’s not even a reason for me to buy anything.  The only things I have at college are my computer(s) and my DS, and for my DS I have homebrew so I can just d/l everything (I use it for TGM most of the time anyways).  And I don’t remember the last time I ever bought a PC game.  Or a game of any sort, actually.  Probably the last time was Kirby Super Star Ultra, but that was a gift too, so it doesn’t even count!

If you look back at what I’ve been playing–Super Metroid, TGM, DotA, Starcraft, D2, BeatmainaIIDX, Visual Novels, Typomino…I’m being frighteningly efficient with gaming in terms of amount spent (basically 0).

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