Ink refills

I made the mistake of not performing quite enough research.

I bought a pair of my now-utterly-beloved Sanrio ballpoint pens but after a while the first ran out of ink.  This was really frightening to me because it was the best ballpoint I had ever used (not that I’ve really used anything else other than cheap-o freebie ballpoint pens anyways).  Looking at the refill I noticed that it was the PILOT BRFN-10F refill.  So I asked my dad to get me some of those.  He said that those were japanese refills and that there was an equivalent USA one.  Ok, fine.  So i went with that.

I’ve been using the new refills for a long while now and I -know- that they aren’t as good.  The shape is different, but that shouldn’t really matter on its own…

But turns out what I got (or, more accurately, what was gotten for me) was the Pilot Dr. Grip refill, when I really wanted the Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity refill. (“67% more write-out than standard retractable ball point pens”, yay).

Time to go out and get myself a crapload of these.  For anyone who’s reading, you can expect my letters to all look a lot nicer from now on. Whee!


On a somewhat related note, I don’t think I will ever use a moleskine.  It’s so sleek, so clean and simple and unobtrusive…it totally clashes with my inner self, which instead screams for something like this:


Kind of like how I never even considered getting an iPhone because there’s NO CELL PHONE CHARM SLOT.  fail, Apple.  FAIL.

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