Monthly Archives: June 2009

new birthday policy

Sometime ago I decided that it’s just not reasonable to give gifts to every single one of my friends for their birthdays.  This was probably also around the time that I decided that it was okay to let some of my friendships go if it looked like they were basically dead already.  On the other hand, now that I’m doing a little bit of writing everyday, it’s probably still all right for me to write everyone  birthday letters.  So all of my important friends will still get presents, but the other ones who I’m not so close with will only get letters.

I haven’t really decided what to do about Christmas gifts and letters yet.

RSI sucks.  I hope I don’t regret taking this summer research opportunity because of it.

ha ha

my retainers actually still fit!


DDRKirbyISQ (8:36:05 PM): how does it look
phirepyro (8:36:23 PM): one bad sector
phirepyro (8:36:36 PM): 8MB deep on the OS drive
phirepyro (8:36:54 PM): so I have a Vista boot repair disc to try running
phirepyro (8:37:11 PM): but all the data is still there and clean
DDRKirbyISQ (8:37:15 PM): neat.

HD fail

my desktop’s HD is (probably) dead.  Long story short, I’m pissed but not devastated.

Problem is, I’m trying to diagnose it but Samsung’s utilities won’t even boot up.  BAH.

not really the best thing to come back home to after a week-long vacation.  To top it off, I start work (research) tomorrow!  HA!

my name is timm[ie] and the world is funny.

Laptop Stylus hack

One of the biggest complaints I have about laptops is that darned touchpad–after using a DS for so long, it felt so TERRIBLE to have to deal with the friction of my finger against the pad.  Using my fingernail sometimes helps that, but it’s still uncomfortable.

The reason you can’t use a normal stylus is because the touchpad detects your fingers capacitance, and unless you’ve got some specialized stylus that actually conducts electricity, it won’t register.

After a few failed experiments with wrapping aluminum foil around my DS stylus, I worked out a simpler hack:
1) put two AA batteries end to end
2) apply tape
3) there is no step three

Note that this works with one AA battery as well.  The only reason for having two is so that you have something that’s easier to hold.