interpolation, and the radio

I just have to say, being in a car got so much more interesting once I started listening to the radio.  Whenever my parents drive, they NEVER ever listen to the radio.  Is it any wonder that I could never stand long car rides?  Music makes everything better.

when you try to display videos at higher resolutions than the original video was, usually what’s done is that interpolation is used so the pixels are blended together to create more.  That’s kind of a crappy explanation but hopefully you get the idea.  This usually works pretty well for real-life photography, or movies.  The problem is when you apply this interpolation to things that are SUPPOSED to be pixelated — things like old super Nintendo games, arcade games (Tetris), etc.  for these things it’s best to not blend anything and just scale everything up while preserving the original pixel colors.  For example, a game that runs a native resolution of 320 x 240 would look perfectly fine stretched by a factor of 2 to 640 x 480.

The problem is that some applications just don’t know which thing to do.  Some applications are great in that you can actually specify the interpolation behavior — when you resize an image in gimp you can either use interpolation or avoid it.  But others such as Windows media player don’t give you this option (as far as I know.  I’m not even sure if VLC lets you do this)– they just default to using interpolation because in most cases it’s the right thing to do.  So watching gameplay videos always makes me a little bit unsatisfied because I only have the choice between watching them in a large size but essentially blurring everything together for watching it in an extremely small window.on the plus side, most (all) emulators are smart enough to figure this out (not that it should be particularly hard to figure out anyways).

Of course, if you’re using the original hardware and you’re just blasting it onto a CRT TV, you have no problems at all.  Isn’t it funny how much better off CRTs are for gaming? I’ve been using the same CRT television set to play super smash Brothers melee for YEARS…

On another note, I’m contemplating switching to the colemak keyboard layout.  From the looks of things, it’s slightly inferior to dvorak in some respects, but superior in others (mainly in that it’s easier to get used to).  Of course, there’s going to be an initial period where I’m not going to be able to type fast at all, but if you think about it, I’m not supposed to be typing that much ANYWAYS.  though, that also works against me since I won’t be able to pick it up quite as fast.


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