Pro tip:

 (8:41:04 PM):
when you copypasta stuff
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:07 PM): the trick to use
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:09 PM): to keep your formatting
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:13 PM): is to enter a space
DDRKirbyISQ (8:41:17 PM): then paste before the space


I like it when science texts/etc. elaborate on basic concepts to give you the whole picture and fill in the details as opposed to giving you a simplification of things.

The example I’m thinking of is how density in a solid is higher than for a liquid, which is higher than for a gas.  There’s all sorts of things wrong here–holes in the picture, so to speak.  For one thing, the density of a gas is wildly malleable–you can only really assign it a number if you have the other conditions handy (pressure, temperature?  Am I remembering this correctly? o_o).

The thing that always got me though, was that water doesn’t follow this rule.  Now if someone had just said, “One important exception is water, which is actually -less- dense as a solid than a liquid, because of its crystalline structure”, it would have all made sense to me.  But nobody ever told me that!  But I knew that:
-if you put a box full of water in the freezer, it pops its lid
-if you put soda in the freezer, it expands and you can actually see the bottle bulge.

I didn’t learn the truth until middle school, if I remember correctly.

Of course, I guess with complicated stuff (Electrical Engineering concepts, hello!  “Charge” travels from positive to negative terminal?  Maybe…but the charge carriers are electrons which actually have negative charge!?  So “charge flow” is really reverse electron flow?  -something- like that) you can’t really always give the whole picture…

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