When you’re sick, you don’t feel like doing -anything-!

it’s a perfect excuse for not:
-going to class
-doing your homework
-going to taiji practice
-watching lectures
-playing starcraft
-writing letters

i’m feeling better now (though still a lot more =tired= than usual), so I’m starting to get back in the swing of things.  yay…

though, admittedly, even though I was sick, I still watched like 4 eps of anime…hahahaha…not to mention, going through a ton of prospective ones and evaluating them (I found a bunch that looked pretty promising!).

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  1. inchoateperfection

    LOL I’m pretty sure you can’t have been more sick than me! The flu ruined my health. xDDBtw, Tommy went to chem class (9am!)!!! ZOMG!!!111!!!!111 (Or, at least I saw him after class biking to his next class [ZOMG!!!111!!!] after chem!

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