I have a lot of miscellaneous behavioral pet peeves that are totally unspoken most of the time.  I think it’s right for them to be unspoken because some of them are not justifiable at all.  I use them a lot to refine my own behavior though.

One of them is looking at your watch.  I tend to feel self-conscious when I do that, especially around other people.  It’s more contagious than yawning too.  But really, there’s no resaon you should ask “what time is it?”, get a direct response, and THEN pull out your cell phone to check.  Another one is “being nervous” in general.  There’s probably lots more but I can’t think of them…the “repetitive music choice” is another.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…when you talk, don’t talk for your own benefit–talk for the benefit of the people listening to you!  Or at least try to do it as much as possible…

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