I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, but I AM one to make resolutions in general.  Maybe I can use New Year’s as an excuse to put some into action.

My brainstorming resolutions looks something like this:
-At least 1 game of starcraft every day.
-At least 1 session of tetris every day.
-Stretch or exercise every day.
-1 game of Element Tower Defense weekly?
-more keyboard/mouse breaks

another one might be to “work on something” every day.  That would exclude all schoolwork, but it would also exclude games that I play “for fun only”.  So, tetris wouldn’t count.  Starcraft wouldn’t count.  Trauma center -would- count because that’s something on my “to do” list–it’s something I have to finish at some point.  Working on a side coding project (more like starting one) would count.  etc etc.  I also have an anime to-do list but that doesn’t count either.  Catalogueing music would count.

Notice how academics and schoolwork are totally MIA from this list.

Of these, the easiest one to implement is the tetris one…I can see all of the other ones meeting failures.  I don’t even NEED the tetris one though.

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