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an xmas wishlist.

one month in advance, because it seems rude to do it any later than that.

-anything and everything Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Charmy Kitty, or My Melody, or Keroppi, or anything else Sanrio. <3 Sanrio 4ever~

-anything else cute (MashiMaro, Tarepanda, ~~~)

-cell phone charms (you can -never- have enough!!!)

-cute stationery (preferably with matching envelopes, but just stationery notepads are good too!)

-picture frames – I have =tons= of pictures that I could theoretically put in picture frames.  Cutesy picture frames are always better, but plain ol picture frames work just as well!

-starbucks cards – I have none right now =(

-Anime/gaming merchandise (think Kanon, Kirby, Shakugan no Shana, Lucky Star, Cardcaptor Sakura, Final Fantasy, Tenchi Muyo, Naruto, etc.)

-your company – because I’m a lonely college kid and even if you don’t get me anything material and just grace me with your presence that’s totally fine

-money is fine too (if ur lazy =P)

-Bath&Body products are cool too!  But you have to think girly and fruity, and not lavish and feminine.


do NOT give me:
-any more 3x3x3 rubik’s cubes, i’m retired as a speedcuber!  2x2x2 might be fine though since I still do custom jobs on those.  1x1x1 would be AWESOME. =P

-any more hairbrushes, unless they’re extremely cute, since I totally have plenty already ;)


if you want more specifics for “cute sanrio stuff” to get, I would really like…
-clothing – I don’t own a single piece of sanrio clothing! =(…granted most of it is for little girls (for obvious resaons), but I would love to have a nice HK shirt or sweater to wear!  I have 2 sanrio scarves, but more of those are cool too!

-posters/wall scrolls – same as above, I have noooo really cute ones =(

-mug or glass – so I can drink my hot water out of something cute ;)

-plushies!!!  I don’t have enough =(

-Key covers – I have one now, but I could use a few more cute ones

there’s other stuff, like mousepads and earmuffs and mahjongg sets, but those are so obscure i shouldn’t even bother.

Of course just because I’m posting a wishlist, doesn’t mean I should expect anything.  That would not only be pretentious of me, but would just inevitably lead me to a huge disappointment!

black friday’s coming up and i may look into possibly getting a laptop…?  any recommendations?  The thought just occurred to me not too long ago so I haven’t really thought about details yet.

99% of all laptops are widescreen nowadays so I’m gonna have to deal with that, most likely.  yeech.

I’m going to try and make an effort to reach out and offer to be sociable with people who i might not be quite so close with.  It probably won’t make much of a difference, but hey, it can’t hurt!

Today I got a haircut…it doesn’t look bad at all!  It doesn’t look great either, but I don’t think it’s possible for a haircut to look that great the day of.

My mom then took me to SF (mainly Japantown) so I could go and visit some stores that carried sanrio products…overall it was a fun night!  Japantown is really pretty…Afterward we had dinner at Chevy’s which was a success at well.  I was kind of tired out so I had to take a nap blahblahblah but that’s not really important.

Here’s how the shopping went:
Mikado Kid’s Corner: I was really looking forward to this one after reading about it on yelp.  Unfortunately it closed down earlier this year in May so this was a huge disappointment.  I even got to see the former location where it used to be.  I think there was still a bunch of sanrio merchandise there too.  *cry*

Kinokuniya Stationery and Gift: Didn’t buy anything here.  This didn’t really have anything from Sanrio, but rather had a bunch of other cutesy Japanese stuff.  A bunch of the stuff would have been nice to buy, but everything here was way expensive so I didn’t really even consider any of it.

Rainbow Station: This is the one in Chinatown.  I didn’t actually go there today, I just wanted to mention it.  It’s a pretty good store.  There’s a distinct lack of stationery but other than that they do have some nice items.  Not quite as much as I would like though.  The first time I came here I remember I bought a LOT but the second time not so much.  They seem to not have quite as many good items nowadays.  They also carry some Disney stuff, which, imo is a waste of space…

Ruru Boutique: This one’s in haight-ashbury.  we didn’t make it here, it was getting a little late and I wasn’t really wanting to go into that part of SF at that time of day, not to mention I was more excited about mikado kid’s corner (tear) and kawaii corner.  perhaps another time.

S&V Collections: didn’t make it here either.  Probably doesn’t have that much stuff, but i think it has some phone charms, that’s why it was on my list.

Kawaii Corner: Was looking forward to this one!  But we didn’t make it there in time so it was closed for the night.  Sadness!  I will definitely come here next time I’m in SF (which may be tomorrow!!!)

JVD Global: Not that many good things here, but they do have some nice charm/figurine -sets- (as opposed to individual).  Also they had some 2009 datemates, which was a fantastic find.  They also had a giant hello kitty rubik’s cube which i grabbed as soon as I saw it ;)

Those were all the stores that were on my list.  Kind of sad because I didn’t make it to most of them.  but wandering through japantown there were a few other stores that I looked through.  In general most of the selections were fairly good, but the prices were way too high.  I did end up getting some stuff, but not nearly as much as I did in the Sanrio store in Westfield Mall (also in SF).

also made a short stop to bath & bodyworks.  Our family now has 2 or 3 coupons for that place so we need to make another visit to b&b at some point in the near future.

overall not a bad day!  Yesterday was not a bad day either, as I got one thing totally accomplished (one thing may seem like a little, but it was a rather large undertaking).

In the coming days I need to REALLY get cracking on christmas letters, or I’m going to be absolutely screwed.  On the plus side it looks like I might have enough gifts to distribute to everybody, so I might actually be DONE with my christmas shopping (possibly).  I just have to work out who gets what though, which is going to be kind of difficult (it always is!).  And of course write out a gazillion pages worth of letters.  kyahhh!!~

Guess where I went today?

yep….back to the band room…

if it wasn’t over before, it’s REALLY over now.  the few people left who i cared about are gone now.  FHS has nothing left for me.  nothing.

i’m so out of place =/