Monthly Archives: April 2008

i’m seriously considering picking up Super Metroid speedrunning.

Mycon: You are in the special place of Juffo-Wup. This is not permissible. Explain your reason for being here.

Orz: Orz are at *heavy space* *planet body* for *sliding* and
*parties*. Orz ships have the *GO! GO!* for *dancing* in *slow time*
*heavy space*.

Mycon: The Deep Children. Spears of light in the dark ness.
Dwellers in the Mohorovichic. I am Spleet. I am the purity monitor. I
died of spontaneous combustion 22,496 of your years ago.

Orz: *Happy Campers* are *happy*. It is best for *dancing* and
*parties*. You are not *Campers*, you are *sad animals*. It is too

Mycon: You are Non. There must only be Juffo-Wup. However, Void
is permissible. We shall proceed to Void the Non. I grow turgid.
Violent action ensues.

Orz: Orz will *dance* with Mycon *sad animals*! There will be
*parties* and *squeezing the juice*. *Ngaaaaaaaah*! It is *party* time!