Monthly Archives: August 2007

after spending half an hour trying to get to bed (again), i got up and I said to myself, “well, that was fun.”

I was being sarcastic (yes, I actually -said- it, though i didn’t shout it to the world…), but now that I think about it, it wasn’t all that bad.  Sometimes you get fun thinking done during those times…


The Wondering Box

I wonder what
oh I wonder what
the Wondering Box has chosen to hide,
but what oh what
is a Wondering Box for
if you never get to see what’s inside?

–Timm[ie] Wong, 8/22/07

Inspired by a dream I had.  It was one of those naps where you wake up to the alarm and it’s stuffy and hot and the only thing you feel is pure “uggggg” exhaustion.  Some of the poem sprung up out of my subconsciousness while it was ending.  It’s surprisingly deep for something that I was clinging onto whilst half-awake.

Dreams -can- be revealing, but most often they’re not.  Still, in hindsight, my dreams did foretell me falling in love and me losing a love…though, not the same person.

I’m hardly worried about the end of summer.  Not that I was really that worried before, but now I’m not worried about seeing everyone and hanging out with everybody before the quarter starts.  Because I’m cool like that.  tee hee.

Is there anyone else in the world who thinks like me?  maybe not.  maybe there is.  but it doesn’t really matter anyways because I can just talk with myself!

I tried to go to sleep an hour ago, I really did!

I fear that maybe I’ve been taking this summer for granted, so this post is dedicated to giving thanks for the weather.

Does anyone remember last summer, when all we had was sweltering heat and we were all looking to go to the mall, the library, -anywhere- with AC?  Hell, even =I= was hot.  And you know how tolerant I am of high temperatures (i was dealing with it pretty well, though, so I still got to laugh at everyone else regardless).

Now we’re getting weather that’s actually =cold= at times!  Maybe even a little -too- cold at times, but who cares!  I’ll take cold weather anyday…well, unless its snow or hard rain or something like that.  Then things start getting ridiculous.

my natural bedtime tends to gravitate toward 6 AM or so…
today I woke up at around 5:30 PM or so…

putting aside the obvious, does anyone else think its interesting how it correlates with sunrise and sunset?  maybe I’m naturally nocturnal.

Yeah, I’m -not- gonna miss having to go back up into my room at 4 in the morning because I know my mom just got up and is going to have a fit because staying up late is “bad for my liver and kidney”.

a letter about myself.  But not just any letter about myself (after all, -all- of my letters end up being about myself), i mean like a letter that tells who i am.

Haha, if I do manage it, I’ll show you guys (Sophia I know you’d enjoy it!)